Steps for Department SLO Efforts

• Contact the SLO Coordinator or SLO Division Representative:   If needed, contact the SLO Coordinator to arrange department workshops or one-on-one assistance with the SLO process.

• Department Meetings:   Convene department meetings to review and update department SLO statements, assessment methods, and criterion standards.

• Student Assessment:   Assess students using chosen assessment methods to collect and analyze SLO data using the SLO Course-level Summary Worksheet found on the SLO Website. This worksheet is also included in this handbook under Appendix A. An alternative to this worksheet is department-generated data analysis materials.

• Discuss Results and Create Action Plan:   Discuss SLO analysis in department meeting(s), and develop Action Plans based on this discussion to improve teaching and learning.

 Record the Process:   Submit completed SLO Course-level Summary Worksheets to the SLO Coordinator, so the data can be inputted into TracDat. An alternative to this data imputing system is department faculty entering SLO assessment data and action plans into TracDat. Please contact the SLO Coordinator if there is an issue with faculty accessing the TracDat system.

• Plan to Reassess:   Courses need to be assessed and data needs to be analyzed and recorded within a 3-year cycle.