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David Halahmy

David Halahmy,

History, Social Sciences

Email: dhalahmy@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: 714-484-7000 Ext : 48386

Office Hours : Office hours change each semester, please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Location: Humanities 222-G



Teaching History is my passion. I have wanted to teach history since I was a student at a Community College.  If you have any questions please feel free to stop by my office or e-mail me.  I always enjoy meeting students and helping them learn!  College should  be more than getting a degree; it should be about earning an education! 

I have been lucky enough to travel to many places in the world. I have been to  England, Greece,  Israel, Italy, France and more!   My travels have allowed me to enhance my courses. I have been able to gain a first hand account of some of the most amazing historical places in the world.  



Recommended Course

I enjoy teaching all my courses!!!!  The courses I teach most often are History 110, History 111, and History 165.  History 110 is a survey course of early Western Civilzation History.  History 111 is a course which looks at the dramatic events during modern Western Civilzation,  and History 165 is a course which explores the history of the Middle East.


Here is a  great site with primary sources.