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Velia Lawson

Velia Lawson, B.A., M.S.

Counseling and Student Development

Email: vlawson@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: 714-484-7179

Office Hours : Mon.- Thurs., 9-:00-3:00 PM, Mon. 4:00- 7:00 PM

Location: Student Center, Second Floor



Welcome to Cypress College.  I am the Teacher Preparation, Language Arts, and Social Sciences Counselor working with students who are interested in these areas.  If you are undecided, I am happy to work with you towards the development of a future career choice.

If you are interested in Teacher Preparation, I also teach the COUN 110C , Teaching as a Career, course designed as an orientation to teaching as profession.


Recommended Course

COUN 110 C: Teaching as a Career               3 units

This course is designed for future teachers.  It surveys teaching as a profession and requires a 45 hour fieldwork experience in an educational setting. This experience may include class participation/observation in an elementary, middle/high school, or community college setting.

This course is part of the Teacher Preparation Program.  If you can imagine yourself working in a classroom setting, assisting a teacher, helping students of all ages, being part of a team, and discovering the joys of becoming an educator, then this program is for you.  Look for the semester classes in the class schedule with an apple next to it.

For further information about Teacher Preparation & Paraprofessional Programs, please contact Dennis Davino, Manager, or Connie Legaspi, Admin Assistant, at (714) 484-7168.  Office location is FA-136.  Or visit the website at www.CypressCollege.edu/~tpp/