Dental Assisting

Program Application: Health Science Application

Dental Assisting Application Pre-view:

The Dental Assisting Program is a two-semester program that includes patient care experiences in a fully equipped on-site facility, with students assigned to clinics or dental offices for their externship experiences.

Dental Assistants are highly valued by the dental profession and have a choice of work environments from private offices to hospitals and clinics.

There is a profound shortage of qualified Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Assistants.  Our program prepares the students to satisfy this need.  As a Dental Assistant you will be involved in a variety of duties including managing the front office, preparing the patient, taking radiographs, and mixing dental materials.

Registered Dental Assistants are not only supportive members of the dental team but they also perform important procedures in the patient's mouth under the supervision of a licensed dentist.





Elizabeth Pacheco, RDA, CDA, CPFA, BVE, M.Ed.
Joel Silva, RDA, CDA, A.S.

Giovanna Charleston, RDA, CDA, BVE.