Homeland Security

The Homeland Transportation Security Program provides you with the basic principles of responding to terrorist activity, managing transportation security, and preparing for natural disasters.

Homeland Transportation Security Certificate:

The Homeland Transportation Security Certificate is designed to provide technical skills and in-depth knowledge relating to the homeland security administration of justice and corporate and organizational protection and safety and focuses on the travel and transportation industries. It will prepare the student for entry-level employment in Homeland Security and the private security fields. The program offers basic historical theory, applications and procedures in law enforcement and public safety. The program offers training in Homeland Security, including principles of terrorist activity, transportation security including airports, rail transportation and deep port security. To earn a certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a minimum grade of "C". At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College.

REQUIRED COURSES (Program Code 1K17169):

AJ 100 Intro to Law Enforcement (3 units)

    Or AJ 110 Criminal Law (3 units)

ATC 102 Career Communication/Portfolio (3 units)

ATC 112 Homeland Security (3 units)

ATC 114 Investigative Documentation (3 units)

ATC 116 Aviation/Trans Security (3 units)

    Or ATC 118 Disaster Preparedness/Response (3)

Total Units Required: 15

At Cypress College, this program falls within the Airline & Travel Careers Department. To learn more about the courses and resources, please click on this link: Homeland Transportation Security Program. Questions may directed to Kathleen Reiland, Department Coordinator at kreiland@cypresscollege.edu.

Kathleen Reiland