Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems Department will prepare you to function as information professional in a world that is being constantly transformed by technology.

We offer lecture, hands-on approach, online, and self-paced courses:

  • Computer application (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint)
  • Computer networking (Cisco, Microsoft Windows, Oracle and Novell)
  • Computer programming
  • Web application
  • Database (Oracle)
  • Computer information systems
Bret Clarke
Behzad Izadi
Susana Jianto
Richard McKnight
Alireza Moady
Peter Molnar
Patricia Pelachik
Donna Woo
Penn Wu

Carl D. Anderson
Tom Bruce
John Craig
Anne Ganguzza
Faith Hogan
Henry Hua
Terri Negrete
Patrick Selitrennikoff
Gwenn Withrow
Mary Wolfson
Jerry Zhou