Student Learning Outcomes

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Since 2002, the Cypress College community has investigated and explored the development and assessment of student learning outcomes through an extended dialogue among faculty, classified staff, managers, and students. This website chronicles the journey, presents a summary of the results to date, and outlines future action plans to improve institutional effectiveness through the integration of  planning, SLO assessment, and program review.

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do or be able to demonstrate when they have completed or participated in an activity, project, course, and/or program. Outcomes are usually expressed as knowledge, skills, attitudes or values.

Developing and assessing SLOs for courses and programs is one of the requirements of accreditation. The individual instructional program SLOs, Cypress College Institutional Learning Outcomes, and Cypress College's General Education and Basic Skills Program Learning Outcomes are published in the College Catalog.  Student Services SLOs appear in each program’s Student Services Quality Review.  Course SLOs are included in the syllabus for every course. 

TracDat, our password-protected archiving and reporting software, is houses all of the SLOs, assessment plans, assessment results, and actions plans for our student services programs and instructional courses.