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Understanding How to Maintain your Benefits


  • Complete a Student Education Plan with the VA counselor.
  • Register for classes specified on your VEF (if you register for other classes not on your VEF it is your responsibility to have the VA counselor sign-off on the class, otherwise it will not be certified).
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or better.
  • Keep your information up-to-date with the Veterans Resource Center.
  • Inform the Veterans Resource Center if you drop or add a class.

Certified With Warning

  • If you earn below a 2.0 GPA you will be put on probation (Dropping a class before it is complete will result in an overpayment.
  • You will be responsible for returning grade letters for failed classes.
  • You will be sent a missing information letter if you are missing any required information (i.e., Certificate of Eligibility, Student Education Plan, and/or grade letter).
  • Failure to complete these steps will cause a delay or cancellation of your benefits.

NOT Certified

  • According to Cypress College Policy and The Dept. of Veteran Affairs you will not be certified if you earn below a 2.0 GPA for two or more consecutive semesters, or dismissed from Cypress College.
  • The VA will be notified of your academic probation/dismissal which may affect future certifications of your benefits.
  • Failure to complete paperwork, update information with the VRC , or comply with Cypress College academic policies

Student Spotlight

Danielle Nava
Outstanding Alumna, 2009

Danielle Nava has enjoyed a career in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years while serving the Orange County community.