B. A. Kashi, B.E.D., M.S.

English/Reading | Language Arts

Email: bkashi@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: (714) 484-7000 Ext: 48478

Office Hours: Varies according to semester

Location: Humanities 211-B

About Professor Kashi

Dear Prospective Student,

I’d be delighted for you to register for one of my English/Reading classes. I usually teach English 57, 58, or 96, but I sometimes teach English 27, 137, and 106.

Some students say I’m nice but nutty, kind but weird, or weirdly funny — at least I think I’m funny; they’re often laughing at me as opposed to with me. Some students say I’m a pain because I insist on classroom attendance, homework, and I want my students on-task and learning while they’re with me. (After all what’s the point if we’re not active learners?)

But most students agree that I’m fair, and that there is more reward than grief in my teaching style.

What do I think? I love teaching. I take it seriously. I can’t guarantee you’ll love me, but I can guarantee that every single lesson or assignment is based on solid, current educational research.

And I can guarantee that, like it or not, you’ll exit my class with having had opportunities for

  • improving  reading and writing skills that will help prepare you for the next level of English,
  • knowing more about your student success and study skills,
  • knowing more about your learning style, multiple intelligences,
  • and knowing more about your ability to self-monitor your learning.

Hope to see you in class,  Mrs. Kashi

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Recommended Course

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