Dave McCament, A.S., B.A., M.F.S.

Mortuary Science | Health Science

Email: dmccament@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: (714) 484-6009

Office Hours: Pending for Spring 2018

Location: Technical Education Building (T.E.) – III, Room 215-J

About Professor McCament

I began my career in the death care industry in the fall of 1975. I completed the funeral service science program at Cypress College in January, 1978; I graduated from the college in 1982 with an Associates of Science (I’m unofficially the first graduate of Cypress College from the Mortuary Science department). With little interruption over a span of more than four decades, I have continued serving in the death care industry in all aspects of our profession and consider it a real blessing to be an instructor here at Cypress College. Please feel free to contact me for my latest office hours or for further information about our Mortuary Science program. I can be reached calling (714)484-6009 or by email: dmccament@cypresscollege.edu.

Recommended Course

MORT 271 C Restorative Art II

Don’t let the title mislead you — this isn’t your typical college class in caring for a priceless painting. As part of the Mortuary Science program, ‘restorative art’ encompasses the science and art of preparing a loved one for viewing by their family & friends. You’ll find this class informative, fast-paced and relative to our industry as death care professionals.


MORT 216 Restorative Art Fall 2018

MORT 216 C is pending for fall 2018. This course is a combination of two previously offered classes (MORT 261 C & 271 C) and is intended to replace both 261 & 271. The scope of this course includes hands-on lab activities on campus and online learning of lecture material in a hybrid DE format. Only students currently enrolled in the Mortuary Science program and meeting all prerequisites will be accepted in this course.