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Alumnus Swen Nater Blogs About His First Day at Cypress College

September 3, 2010 — 10:03 a.m.

Alumnus and NBA rebound king Swen Nater maintains a blog on his site On September 1, he posted an entry about his first day at Cypress College. It's a great read.

Here's a small sample.

Posted by Coach Swen Nater at 9/1/2010 5:07 PM

On a Monday morning, late in August of 1968, I walked onto the Cypress College (CA) campus with my notebook, pencil, Pee Chee folder, and my lunch. By far, lunch was the heaviest for it contained four sandwiches. You see, I was 6'9" by then and still a growing boy. I was always hungry, ate a ton, but weighed only 185 pounds. I was so skinny, I had to wear skis in the shower so I wouldn't go down the drain. I was so light, I could hardly keep my seat down in the movie theatre."

I was good in math and that's where I thought I was headed with my life. My second class that morning was Calculus II and I loved it. One more class and then lunch. I didn't know anybody because we had moved from Long Beach to Cypress, so at lunch, I sat by myself in the courtyard and started working on those four sandwiches.

I was about halfway finished when this guy walked over to me and said, "Hi. I'm Tim Tynum. I'm on the basketball team. Mr. Lubin over there [He pointed to a teacher standing by the door leading to the teacher's lounge.] wants to know if you're planning on playing basketball."

Continue reading Swen Nater's blog at his website, where you'll find additional posts about his time at Cypress College.

Posted by Marc S. Posner


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