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The schedule of classes for spring 2012 is now available online. A print version is anticipated before the middle of November.

The schedule is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and embedded above in a flip-book format.

Spring classes begin the week of January 23, 2012, with late-start courses beginning the week of February 6, 2012, and half-semester courses starting the week of March 26, 2012.

Photography for the cover of the schedule was provided by student Derrick Coleman.

You can visit the schedule of classes page on the website at:

Posted by Marc S. Posner

a photograph showing a student talking to a university representative during Transfer Awareness Week at Cypress College

Transfer Awareness Week begins today at Cypress College, and continues with daily events through Thursday. Photo by Derrick Coleman.

Halloween circus-themed costumes will highlight today's first day of Cypress College's "Transfer Awareness Week" being held Monday, October 31 through Thursday, November 3, 2011. More than 50 campuses will be represented for the benefit of Cypress College's students planning to transfer to a four-year university or college.

The Transfer Fair begins daily at 10 a.m. and goes through 1 p.m. It is located behind the Student Center near the pond. Workshops will be conducted afterwards starting Monday until Thursday afternoons at 1 p.m., in the Transfer Center located in the Student Center on the second floor.

California State University, Long Beach, will be at the Transfer Fair to provide information about their new pilot transfer program for Cypress Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students. Penny Gabourie, Transfer Center Director and Honor's Counselor, said that there will be a push to sign-up Cypress College STEM students for the CSULB STEM Pilot Transfer Program. The deadline for Cypress STEM students to sign-up is on November 30, 2011 for the CSULB Fall Semester 2012.

"I am very excited about the CSULB STEM Pilot Transfer Program because Cypress STEM students who have who have a GPA of 2.56 and above will be able to transfer to CSULB with required courses completed at Cypress College," Gabourie said.

The CSULB STEM-TAP Workshop will be held on Thursday at 4 p.m.

Transfer Awareness Week Workshops that will be given, for example, are: How to Transfer to UCLA; Common Application; How to Transfer to CSU; Chapman Rep Appointments; Online Resources for Transfer Students; How to Transfer Out-of-State; Financial Aid for 4-Year Private Universities; UCI Pre-Med Track; and Financial Aid 101.

Some of the universities and colleges represented at the Transfer Fair will be: California State Universities; University of California, Los Angeles; UC Irvine; UC Berkeley; UC San Diego; UC Riverside; Arizona State; Loma Linda; The Art Institutes; Cal Poly Pomona; Chapman University; University of Utah; University of South Florida Polytechnic; and University of San Francisco.

Connie Martinez, Student Services Specialist, said, "This is a great opportunity for Cypress College students, who are planning to transfer to a university or may be undecided, to meet the various universities all in one place."

In keeping with the circus theme at the Transfer Fair, the Theater Department will be making temporary tattoos for students and there will be raffle drawings and gifts.

For more information (including a full event listing) contact: Cypress College Transfer Center, located on the second floor of the Student Center or call (714) 484-7129.

Posted by Sunny Magdaug

Cypress College student Christian Petite-Johnson authored a song in honor of the victims of the Salon Meritage shooting in Seal Beach on October 11, according to an article in the Los Alamitos Patch. The song, which also features vocals by Petite-Johnson's classmate David Durant, has nearly 3,000 views on YouTube and was performed at a memorial for shooting victim Christy Lynn Wilson.

Petite-Johnson, who grew up in Seal Beach, told Patch author Paige Austin that he wrote the song — named "Eight Birds" — and recorded it in his closet the day after the worst mass murder in Orange County history.

Wilson's family heard the song on YouTube and requested he play it at her memorial.

"Hello. My name is Paul Wilson," reads a comment on Petite-Johnson's YouTube page. "This email message is being sent with a very heavy heart, my wife of 27 years was Christy Wilson. She was one of the murder victims in the Seal Beach Massacre.

"This song was played to me yesterday by a friend while gathered at my house, it IMMEDIATELY touched my heart as it did to all in my house. It certainly was an uplifting moment.

"I would be honored if you would be able to play this song at my wife's service next Saturday in HB. I know this will certainly touch my wife in heaven to have you play this in her memory."

Posted by Marc S. Posner

a screen capture of a slideshow of photographs from the Los Angeles Times article about Cypress College's Mortuary Science students and program.

A number of photographs related to the Cypress College Mortuary Science Program are captured in an audio slideshow and contained in an article in today's Los Angeles Times. The feature, by Thomas Curwen, was photographed by Don Bartletti.

Today's Los Angeles Times contains a front-page article featuring Cypress College Mortuary Science students and the program itself. The "Column One" feature was reported by Thomas Curwen and photographed by Don Bartletti.

The article focuses on four students — Amber Carvaly, Chris Folger, Nina Mendoza and Theresa Wenning — as well as Mortuary Science Department Chair Glenn Bower and Professor Jolena Grande.

It appears on both the front page of the printed edition of the Times and on the front page of the newspaper's website.

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

Students say they came to this school to be of service, but beyond the altruism lie deeper currents: a fascination with human anatomy, a pride in performing a task others find repulsive, a chance to work where emotions are often so keen and a delight in the cocktail-party shock factor. You do what? What's that like?

The rigors of the program — between 15 and 18 hours in the classroom and about 30 hours or more studying each week — are designed to initiate the students into the challenges of the profession, as well as cull curiosity seekers.

"Grande has another theory for why students enroll. "I think many people enter funeral service in a quest for answers to their own unresolved grief," she says."

a photograph of the Los Angeles Times' front page on October 11, 2011. The edition of the LA Times contains a Column One feature about the Cypress College Mortuary Science program and the students enrolled in it

Today's Los Angeles Times' front page, which contains a "Column One" feature about the Cypress College Mortuary Science program and the students enrolled in it.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

Geri Jewell makes her very first appearance as "Cousin Geri" on the NBC hit comedy series "Facts of Life."

Alumna Geri Jewell — perhaps best known for her ground-breaking role as Cousin Geri on the NBC sitcom "The Facts of Life" — is returning to campus on October 17 for a presentation and book signing. The event is being held as part of Disability Awareness Month.

It will take place in the Campus Theater, from 12-1 p.m. with the book signing following the presentation.

Jewell is an award-winning actress and comedienne, as well as an advocate for people with disabilities. In her recently published autobiography "I'm Walking as Straight as I Can," she shares her experiences growing up and living with a physical disability, battling substance abuse, and publicly coming out as a lesbian.

In her presentation at Cypress College, she will touch on a number of subjects from her book, including discrimination, sexual identity, and addiction.

Jewell's presentation is intended to raise awareness of the abilities of people with disabilities, increase understanding between diverse groups of people, and dispel myths and stereotypes.

Personally selected by famed producer Norman Lear, Jewell became the first person with a visible disability to become a regular performer on a national, prime-time television show on "The Facts of Life." In the role, she broke barriers by addressing issues of disability awareness.

For her work on the Emmy-winning HBO series "Deadwood," Jewell earned an individual Emmy nomination. She also plays a recurring character on "The Young and the Restless" and was recently featured on "Strong Medicine." If the three roles weren't sufficient, Jewell also recently made her film debut in an independent feature screened at the Tribecca and Fort Lauderdale Film Festivals.

Known for her powerful and motivational speaking style, Jewell has also been the featured alum at the Americana Awards.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

a logo-style header reading: Get ready for Rideshare Week October 3-7 Pledge to win great prizes!

Employees who are interested in enrolling in Cypress College's Rideshare Program and walking, biking, carpooling, busing or taking the train to work, this is the week to take action.

To begin, contact Maureen Leopold, your Employee Transportation Coordinator at ext. 47318.

Here is a little more incentive, from the Orange County Transportation Authority:

Pledge today to participate in Rideshare Week, and you could win great prizes, like an Apple iPad.

It's super simple to pledge. Just answer a few simple questions and commit to ditching your car for one or more days during Rideshare Week. You'll be taking an important step toward protecting the environment, reducing wear-and-tear on your vehicle and saving money.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

"The Wedding Singer, The Musical Comedy" opens on October 7 for the first of six performances in the Campus Theater. Friday and Saturday performances are at 8 p.m., on October 7, 8, 14, and 15, with Sunday matinees at 4 p.m., on October 9 and 16.

General admission is $20, with $15 discount seating available for seniors, students with valid student I.D. cards, and children under 12. Tickets are available through the Cypress College Theater Box Office, or by calling (714) 484-7200.

"The Wedding Singer," based on the New Line Cinema film of the same name, is set in 1985. Rock-star wannabe Robbie Hart is New Jersey's favorite wedding singer. He's the life of the party, until his own fiancee leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own.

The Saturday, October 8, performance also includes the opportunity for the Patron's of the Arts annual fall dinner theater presentation. Monday, October 3, is the final day to purchase tickets for the dinner theater portion. Contact the Patrons of the Arts at or (714) 484-7000 ext. 48203 with any questions.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

an image showing the Great California ShakeOut logo and the Cypress College campus

Cypress College is participating in The Great California ShakeOut drill on 10/20/11 at 10:20 a.m.

More then 7.9 million participants across the state are registered to participate in the drill. The purpose of the ShakeOut is to become much more prepared for earthquakes.

Additional informaiton will be shared with the campus community as the drill approaches.

Posted by Marc S. Posner

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