2012 University Transfer Achievement Program

Wed, May 23, 2012 starting at 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
University Transfer Achievement Program
Date:            May 23, 2012
Time:            3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location:      Humanities 205
What is the University Transfer Achievement Program (UTAP)?
UTAP is a learning community designed to assist students to create a support system that
will enable them to succeed in the college environment.  UTAP provides a foundation through
it's year-long learning community by enrolling students in classes that explore the interdisciplinary
connections through integrated assignments and projects.  Within the program, students
participate in co-curricular activities and field trips that emphasize and enrich these interdisciplinary
connections.  UTAP also teaches students how to maximize their use of campus services, such
as tutoring, financial aid, and counseling, to ensure their academic success.  UTAP encourages
students to engage in the full scope of the Cypress College experience in preparation for their
transfer to four-year colleges and universities.
Eligibility requirements:
- Qualifying assessment scores for English 60
- Commitment to the full scope of the learning community experience
- Desire to transfer to a four-year college or university
Benefits of joining UTAP:
- GUARANTEED CLASSES that meet general education and transfer requirements
- Improved writing skills
- Interdisciplinary curriculum
- Enhanced study skills and study habits
- Introduction to financial aid and scholarship information
- Introduction to campus services (tutoring, library research skills, etc.)
- Individualized academic and career counseling
- Preparation for transfer
- Dedicated faculty who promote student success
- Increased personal growth
- Supportive community of friends
- Field trips and social activities
For more information about the Fall 2012 program, please attend one of our upcoming
information sessions.
Seats are limited, so attend an information session now!
For more information, please contact:
Mary Formen, Cypress College UTAP Coordinator
9200 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 484-7156
Office:  Humanitites Bldg., room H-248