Campus Emergency Drills on 2/3 and/or 2/4

Marc S. Posner
Friday, January 30, 2009
Cypress College’s spring emergency-response drill will occur in the coming week. Two drills will take place — one in the day, the other in the evening. Possible dates for the drills are Tuesday, February 3, and/or Wednesday, February 4.

The drills could be either day at anytime.

All members of the campus community are expected to participate in the drill.

As part of the college's efforts in the area of emergency preparation, students are encouraged to sign up for text messages via MyGateway.

To sign up for text message alerts, follow these steps:

1.    Sign in to MyGateway:

2.    Click Student Tab

3.    Navigate the Personal Information Channel

4.    Click on the “Set Text Message Alert Preferences” option

5.    Fill-in the fields

6.    Click Submit

Employees can also sign up for the service following the above steps, but substituting the “Student Tab” for their “Employee Tab.”