Federal Government Awards $3.25 Million Title V Grant to Cypress

Marc S. Posner
Friday, October 01, 2010
A $3.25 million federal Title V grant is coming to Cypress College. Notification came through the office of Congressman Ed Royce on Tuesday that Cypress College’s application through the U.S. Department of Education had been approved.

Cypress College is one of 25 awards, from more than 250 applicant colleges and universities across the nation.

The five-year grant will be used to enhance student success, including support services in math, English, ESL and reading, among other programs.

The $3.25 million grant value is the maximum award for the grant, which was available to all public and private 2- and 4-year campuses that are designated Hispanic Serving Institutions.

The purposes of a Strengthening Hispanic Serving Institutions grant are not limited to assisting Hispanic students, but rather are intended to assist all Cypress College students.

The Grant proposal, which was written two years ago and submitted in June, is based on proven need — low retention and success rates for basic skills students.

The federal government has awarded the grant for the new programs outlined in the application that are planned to address these needs. It should also be noted that this funding cannot be used to replace funding lost from recent budget cuts.

The college’s Title V project is composed of three related components: Integrating Instruction & Student Services; Institutional Effectiveness; and Staff Development.

“We are also in the process of scheduling the first Title V Steering Committee meeting,” said Steve Donley, the Dean of Career Technical Education and Economic Development.

Donley will serve as the project administrator for the grant and Nancy Deutsch will be the project manager.

“I would like to personally thank Nancy Deutsch who worked so diligently on this project, and all of you who so graciously helped in conceptualizing, designing, and developing this grant!!!” Donley said in an email to the campus.

This is the second time that the college has obtained one of these highly competitive grants. Cypress College previously was awarded a Title V grant in 2003.