Career Connections and Events

Majors2Careers Showcase

The curtain has closed on our 3rd Annual Majors2Careers Showcase and we are thrilled with the initial feedback from students, staff, faculty, and community members.   We proudly served over 250 individuals by providing them with greater awareness about the connection of their college major to their future career/goals.  We had 115 students actively engage in our Career Kahoot game which was exciting, informative, and just plain fun.  We also connected useful tools and resources to our Student Center Building and the Career Planning Center.

Middle School Career Connection

The Cypress College Career Planning Center is dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about their future.  Introducing our services and resources to the local middle schools, forming a partnership, and creating CAREER CONNECTIONS can help students:

  • Acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.
  • Employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction.
  • Increase the likelihood of a positive response to the statement: “I know what career I want to pursue, and what I need to study in college to achieve my career goal.”

Informed and considered career decisions are linked to improved educational achievement, attainment, and efficiency. Students who make informed and considered career decisions are more likely to graduate from high school and to succeed in postsecondary education. Recent research indicates 9th Grade is a pivotal year for dropping out of high school, and career interventions that provide young adolescents with a developmental understanding of where they are at and what they are naturally interested in can motivate them to pursue meaningful work they care about.

Career exploration and career planning activities help students:

  • Learn more about themselves, their interests and preferences.
  • Gain decision-making skills and occupational knowledge.
  • Focus on relevant exploration of their options so they can make informed and satisfying decisions.
  • Engage in setting realistic career goals.
  • Face and find solutions to educational and career barriers.

ACT, Inc. research indicates that students who engage in career exploration programs and/or Career & College Clubs:

  • Report higher grades and feel better prepared for the future compared to students who do not.
  • Develop a support network and learn where to go when help is needed.
  • Have more confidence in themselves and are more motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Are more likely to plan on taking a core curriculum in high school which puts them on a path to more likely enter college, be successful in the first year, and graduate in a timely way than students who do not.

Focus on personal development, including leadership skills and financial literacy which are critical workforce readiness skills.

Campus and Community Events

The Career Planning Center participates in campus and community events to highlight our quality services, provide presentations, and engage individuals in the Career Development Process.

  • Charger Experience
  • Donate-a-Day of Service
  • High School Senior Day
  • KinderCaminata
  • Majors2Careers Showcas
  • Parent Night
  • Pre-Grad Fair
  • Strengths Workshops – LLRC Staff, EOPS/Care/CalWORKs Students, Dental Hygiene Students, Health Science Division
  • Student Welcome Night

See our calendar on the right for these events and the next Majors2Careers Showcase!