Personal Attention

Counseling Courses and Recommended Classes

COUN 73 C                                COUN 100 C
COUN 105 C                              COUN 110 C
COUN 140 C                              COUN 141 C
COUN 144 C                              COUN 145 C
COUN 150 C                              COUN 151 C
COUN 160 C                              ENGL 137 C
COUN 73 C - Computer Access - I
This course is designed for students with verified disabilities. This course provides training in the use of assistive technology which enhances the ability of students with disabilities to access and use personal computers. The course will cover word processing and an introduction to the Internet. May be taken for credit 2 times. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option.
3 units
COUN 100 C - College Orientation for the Learning Disabled
Advisory: This course is designed for students who are eligible for services
from Disability Support Services (DSS).

This course will introduce students to campus support services, establish realistic goals, develop study skills, and discuss time management strategies. Students will learn about accessing accommodations on campus and in the community. Pass/No Pass (CSU)
1 unit
COUN 105 C - Stress and Anxiety Management
This course is designed to increase the student’s awareness of the effects of stress and anxiety on academic performance and daily life. Emphasis will be placed on understanding effective and ineffective responses to stress and anxiety and on planning a personal stress and anxiety and management program. Students will explore and practice a variety of practical coping skills and management techniques. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. (CSU, CSU GE)
3 units
COUN 110 C - Teaching as a Career
This course is designed as an introduction to the teaching profession where students will examine concepts and issues related to education in a democratic society within historical, social, philosophical, legal and political contexts. Students will develop personal knowledge and understanding of (1) the competing purpose and values of schools in society, (2) the nature of teaching and the teaching profession, (3) the impact of local, state, and federal government policies on schools, and (4) contemporary educational issues. Course content and assignments will be related to a 45 hour fieldwork experience in an educational setting. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. (UC/CSU)
3 units
COUN 140 C - Educational Planning
This course is designed for new students as part of the Student Success and Support Program. The course includes: an orientation to college life, responsibilities, requirements, and regulations; an overview of the assessment process; certificates, occupational degrees, and transfer degrees; the transfer process; career guidance for selection of a major plan of study; college success factors; and development of a student educational plan (SEP).Pass/No Pass. $10.00 Materials Fee - Payable at Registration. (UC/CSU).
1 unit
COUN 141 C - Career Exploration
This class is designed for students who are undecided about their educational or career goals. Using a career planning process, students assess interests, skills, personality, values, life and work style choices. Students explore cultural differences and gain an awareness which is applied to the work setting. Students research potential educational and career goals; apply decision making tools, and relate their self-assessment information to occupational possibilities and college majors. Pass/No Pass only. $6.00 Material Fee-Payable at Registration. (CSU, CSU GE)
1 unit
COUN 144 C - Women & Careers
This course is designed to help women expand their self-image by providing personal exploration through career assessment, values clarification and skills analysis. The course provides creative job search techniques and resume writing, interviewing skills, decision-making, goal setting, as well as an “Informational Interview Project” and a Portfolio. Pass/No Pass only. $6.00 Material Fee-Payable at Registration. (CSU, CSU GE)
2 units
COUN 145 C - Job Readiness and Career Management
Students will learn to successfully bridge from college to the workplace (or make a job transition). In a future of constant change, students will learn how to maximize their strengths, skills, and college learning for gainful and satisfying employment. Students will create a personal brand and professional in-person and online presence to optimize their career opportunities. Resumes, interviewing, business etiquette, job search, networking, and long term career management issues are discussed, developed and/or practiced.
2 units
COUN 150 C - Academic and Life Success
This course will provide students with knowledge, information, and practical skills to better understand themselves as students, people and members of society. It will assist them in achieving academic, and life goals and to develop plans and strategies to successfully meet those goals. (CSU, CSU GE)
3 units
COUN 151 C - Career and Life Planning
A complete class in career/life planning, including introduction to the tools for dealing with change; an analysis of desired lifestyles; self-assessment; overcoming obstacles, and analysis of work, its organizations, and where you want to work; decision-making, people, environments, career-researching and job-finding, resumes, interviewing, and goal setting. $3.00 Material Fee-Payable at Registration. Pass/No Pass/ Letter Grade Option. (CSU, CSU GE)
3 Units
COUN 160 C - College/University Transition
This course is designed for the student and the parents of the student who plans to transfer to a college or university. Topics include the value of pursuing higher education, selection of a transfer institution, admissions, academic requirements, financial aid options, special programs, priority filing deadline, and developing an autobiographical essay. Duplicate Credit Not Granted For COUN 160HC. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. (CSU)
1 unit

ENGL 137 C - Strategies for College Success and Life-Long Learning (Eligibility for ENGL 60) 
The purpose of this course is to assist students in mastering effective learning and critical thinking strategies crucial for academic success and professional and personal growth. Goal setting and motivation, learning styles, time management, stress management, academic and professional reading, reading rate improvement, listening for note-taking, concentration, memory, test preparation, and test-taking strategies are primary topics. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. (CSU)
3 units.

Student Spotlight

Danielle Nava
Outstanding Alumna, 2009

Danielle Nava has enjoyed a career in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years while serving the Orange County community.