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Career Planning Center -- FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who benefits from career development services?  EVERYONE!
  • Recent high school graduates, non-grads, high school students and other young adults
  • Students undecided on or changing their college major
  • Job seekers needing résumé and interview preparation
  • Adult learners involved in a variety of life transitions
  • Career changers, re-entry adults, single parents, or displaced homemakers
  • Non-traditional students entering a field dominated by the opposite sex
  • Disadvantaged and minority individuals
  • Economic casualties--laid-off and downsized and displaced homemakers (empty-nesters, recently divorced, etc.)

Who needs career planning?
Anyone who is:
  • undecided, uncertain, or unsure about choosing their major or career
  • changing their career
  • wanting to know their options in the world of work and educational programs

What services can we offer you?
We can help you:
  • identify career goals and develop strategies for implementing those goals
  • re-enter the educational system
  • assess your interests, values, skills and personality as they relate to your career and educational goals
  • discover the skills hidden in your background that will open the doors to a more successful, fulfilling life
  • accomplish your goals through counseling, referrals, and job search preparation
  • research labor market trends and projections for the future

How do you choose a major, a career or set goals that are right for you?
We think the key for such choices begins with a realistic assessment of your values, interests, personality, skills and future goals. Your goal may be to:
  • acquire a certificate, degree, or transfer
  • change careers, begin a career or develop new skills
  • take courses for personal growth and enjoyment
Whichever goals you identify, we can:
  • help you explore options and plan a program that will meet your needs
  • talk with you about the labor market and how to investigate it
  • help you prepare for the job search process including résumé writing and interview strategies
  • provide support for you throughout the process.
Our goal is to help you have a positive, rewarding experience at Cypress College in preparing for your future.

How can career counseling help you?
The career counselors assist you with
  • choosing a major
  • selecting careers
  • disseminating and evaluating career assessments
  • guiding you through the goal setting and decision making process
  • all aspects of job search preparation including researching the possibilities and helping you get the career you desire through effective job search tactics, résumé writing and interviewing techniques

    Do you need an appointment to see a career counselor?
    Yes, counselors are available FREE OF CHARGE on an appointment basis. Please call us at 714-484-7120 to schedule your appointment.

    Do you need career assessments and how do you take them? 
    Career assessments are tools used to help assess your interests, abilities, personality, strengths, values, skills, work and life experiences. These are valuable measures to help you decide on your occupational and/or educational goals. To take a career assessment you need to enroll in one of our career classes or make an individual appointment with a career counselor.  Career counselors determine which tools would be most beneficial for you and interpret the results.

    Is there a charge for taking career assessments?
    Yes, we charge a fee for assessments to cover our expenses related to these tests. Charges are typically $3.00 - $25.00 per inventory. 

    Why should you take career assessments with a qualified career counselor when there are plenty of free assessments available on the Internet?
    The old adage is true . . . You get what you pay for. The RELIABILITY and VALIDITY of the assessments offered through the Career Planning Center, as well as the KNOWLEDGE and GUIDANCE of the career counselors is beneficial if you're serious about your career search.
    Many free and/or online assessments are simply not reliable and accurate. Studies have shown these “free” assessments are (1) limited and provide varying interpretations for results; (2) most sites don’t list names or qualifications of the developers of the assessments; and (3) the reliability and validity – whether at face value or compared with more standard career assessments – are unknown.

    Does the Career Planning Center post job openings or have a job board?
    No. The Career Planning Center is NOT a Job Placement Office. If you are an employer, a person looking for internship information, or employment, please visit the Job Placement webpage.

    What is the difference between Job Placement and Career Planning?
    Job Placement
    at a community college meets the needs of students looking for work to support them through their education. A community college Career Planning Center assists in identifying, exploring and researching future employment to support one’s life values and goals.

    Student Spotlight

    Danielle Nava
    Outstanding Alumna, 2009

    Danielle Nava has enjoyed a career in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years while serving the Orange County community.