Should you trust the results of online and/or free career assessments?

You need to be the judge by considering the Reliability and Validity of these assessments.With the wide spread use of the Internet, free online career assessments have grown beyond belief. However if you are serious about your career search and your personal career development process, you need to ask yourself a few questions.
  • Are these assessments reliable?
  • Are the results accurate?
  • Are the results validated with research supporting their use in career development?
  • Should you trust any career-oriented assessment without a career counselor's interpretation and guidance?
Many free and/or online assessments are simply not reliable and accurate. Studies have shown these “free” assessments:
  • Are limited and have varying result interpretations available.
  • Often don't list names, qualification of the developers, or career theory of the assessments.
  • Have unknown reliability and validity--whether at face value or compared with more standard career assessments.
We are here to help you make informed and considered career decisions for your educational and career success.


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