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The Career Development field is abundant with relevant information, current trends, and insightful articles to assist you in a variety of topic categories.  Here are a few resources to provide you with information at your fingertips. 
CPC Cypress Newsletters
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  • Career Advice, News, and Resources
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  • Career Assessments 
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  • Career Planning for Veterans      
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  • Healthy Students     
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  • Skills for Career and Academic Success     
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    Career Pathways Newsletters
    • Agriculture & Natural Resources
    • Arts, Media & Entertainment
    • Building & Construction Trades
    • Business & Finance
    • Education, Child Care & Family Services
    • Energy, Environment & Utilities
    • Engineering & Architecture
    • Fashion & Interior Design
    • Health Science & Medical Technology
    • Information & Communication Technology
    • Manufacturing & Product Design
    • Marketing, Sales, & Service
    • Public Services
    • Transportation
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