10 Great Reasons to Apply Online

1)   Each application is a custom fit. Whether you’re applying as a freshman or a transfer student, the online application is tailored to your category. Plus, you are able to choose from majors that are open only to students in your category, so there’s less room for error.

2)    If you were evaluated for Eligibility in the Local Context or the Dual Admissions Program, you will find your application has already been started for you with your name, address and some academic information provided.

3)   Prompts on every page guide you through the application, ensuring that you complete all sections accurately before you move on.

4)   Have a question? Tip boxes clarify and explain key steps. Click information icons for expanded definitions of terms.

5)   Your fee waiver eligibility will be automatically calculated for you. Just input your family income and size, and you will see immediately if you qualify.

6)   Built in counters on the personal statement page help you hit your target word counts. UC now asks three short answer questions in the personal statement.  One answer should be 600 words, while the other two are 200 words each.

7)   You can save your in progress application and return anytime--and as many times as you wish--to work on it until the filing deadline. When you return, you can review and modify the work you’ve completed so far or move on to the next section.

8)   When you enter your academic history, you can easily select courses from your school’s UC-approved course list.

9)   You have a choice of payment options: You can pay your application fees by credit card or opt to be billed by the Application Processing Service and send a check later.

10)  Once you submit your application, you will receive immediate acknowledgment of receipt, so you know your application arrived safely and on time.

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