Appreciating Our Veterans: Ian Perez

With Veterans Day this Wednesday, we are recognizing Cypress College student veterans who have done so much in the service of our country and are having a great impact here at home. We are pleased to feature a few of them this week, including Ian Perez, who served as an U.S. Army Ranger and is now a Student Ambassador at Cypress.

Ian Perez, Cypress College (pondside):

Ian Perez at Cypress College

Ian during his time in the Army:

Ian Perez Service Photo 1
Ian at a Ginuwine concert:

Ian Perez Service Photo 3

Ian Perez Service Photo 2

We’re proud to have Ian as a Student Ambassador:

Ian Perez Cypress College Student Ambassador

A Rossmoor native, Ian attended Los Alamitos High School and went into the Army in 2010. His four years of service included a posting to Ft. Benning, GA and two deployments in Afghanistan. Of his time in the Army, Ian says that it taught him to “Be at the right place, right time, right uniform.” It wasn’t all serious, though – There were fun times, too, such as a Ginuwine concert at Bagram Airfield (photo above). He chose Cypress because it was not only close to home, but also because friends who had previously attended were able to achieve their goals and recommended the College to him. A business major, Ian’s career goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant, and he hopes to transfer to a University of California campus.