DEI Committee Purpose

Campus Diversity Committee Purpose

The Campus Diversity Committee serves as the principal advisor to the President of the College on issues of diversity and equity. The purpose of the Cypress College Campus Diversity Committee is to support and advance the institutional Core Value of Inclusiveness.

Diversity Committee Charge in Support of Inclusiveness

The Campus Diversity Committee was established in 1979 in accord with the District Affirmative Action Plan. The initial focus of the Committee was equal employment opportunity issues. As currently formulated, the Committee serves as a combination of the Center for Intercultural Understanding Committee, which was established in 1998, and the original Campus Diversity Committee. The CIU Committee promoted diversity on campus, as well as planning and coordinating multicultural events. The CIU Committee also provided oversight to Study Abroad and International Students programs. Previously, the College Multicultural Studies Steering Committee served as a combination of four College committees: Multicultural Studies; Semester Abroad; Foreign Students; and Faculty Exchange. The functions of these various committees have been delegated to other programs of the College, such as International Students, or incorporated into the charge of the Campus Diversity Committee.

In each of the last two College Strategic Plans, Inclusiveness has been articulated as a Core Value of the College. Upon consideration by the Campus Diversity Committee, this Core Value was established in the spring of 2014 as the overarching purpose of the Committee. In consideration of the fact that all issues of diversity at the College are substantially connected to our Core Value of Inclusiveness, the Campus Diversity Committee has the responsibility to participate in the promotion of Inclusiveness, to take action appropriate to that charge, and to engage in activities that celebrate diversity in all of its forms. These activities include the following:

  1. Promote understanding and appreciation throughout the College for all aspects of diversity.
  2. Serve as the principal liaison to the District Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee.
  3. Support international education as a means of diversifying our student body.
  4. Sponsor activities and events at the College that celebrate diversity and bring about staff and student awareness.
  5. Provide a forum for discussion of issues of diversity and equity, including issues identified in various College reports, including the Student Equity Plan, campus climate surveys, and student satisfaction surveys.
  6. Recognize outstanding efforts at the College in support of Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Campus Diversity Committee Procedures & Composition

Committee Meetings

The Campus Diversity Committee shall meet once a month during the regular semesters of the academic year. Additional meetings may be called as necessary. The President shall serve as Chair. The Committee shall require a quorum in order to take action. A quorum shall consist of 50% of the current Committee membership plus one (1).

Location of Meetings

The Campus Diversity Committee shall meet in CCCPLX-419 or another location as determined by the College President.

Committee Composition

College President: Chair

Recording Secretary (Non-voting): International Students Program Admin Asst.

Faculty (6):  Appointed by the Academic Senate, Faculty shall be appointed to staggered three year terms

Classified (2): Two appointed by CSEA

Students (3): Appointed by Associated Students, to include an A S Officer or Senator

Management (3): International Students Program Manager, DSS Coordinator, Presidential appointee

NOCE Representative (1): Selected by the President of NOCE or designee

Ex Officio: District Director of Equity and Diversity

Approved by PAC 10/2/14