Campus Network Refresh Project

Cypress College is in the process of a network upgrade to support a smart digital campus, meet the growing connectivity demands, improve network security, add VoIP services, improve wireless connectivity, and participate in collaborative efforts with our colleagues at Fullerton and NOCE.

What are the project objectives?

The network refresh project will provide:

  • Improved network performance, reliability, and security through a redesign of Cypress College network infrastructure.
  • Improved security, high performance, and flexible network that supports emerging technologies, such as mobile technology, Internet of Things, and augmented reality.
  • Improved wireless network connectivity, and coverage across the campus.
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) services.

How many buildings will benefit from this upgrade?

All 20 buildings at Cypress College will benefit from this upgrade path, including the new Veterans Resource Center and Science, Engineering and Math building.

What is the schedule for the network upgrade at Cypress College?

The upgrade of the entire campus network will take 18-22 months to complete.