English Success Center — FAQ

Where is the English Success Center located?

We are on the first floor of the Library and Learning Resource Center. Go left when you enter the building. We are in room 130.

What services do you offer?

We offer Directed Learning Activities, workshops, drop-in writing tutoring, and laptops for English and ESL students.

What is an Electronic Directed Learning Activity (eDLA)?

eDLAs are faculty-designed assignments that focus on the development of a reading or writing skill, or academic strategy, within a limited, supervised timeframe. Each directed learning activity will require approximately 60 minutes to complete and include an overview of the activity’s objective(s) and steps involved, as well as a review session with a tutor or faculty member.

What are workshops?

Workshops at the ESC are intensive, interactive 50-60-minute presentations focused on specific academic skills or strategies. They are held in a small-group setting (typically 6-8 students). Each workshop will include an overview of the topic, and short presentation, and a hands-on activity. Workshops are led by English or ESL faculty and tutors.

Where do workshops take place?

Workshop are being conducted online and in person. Workshop schedules are located in the ESC.

How many DLAs and workshops can I do in a day?

We recommend students work on one DLA per day, but it depends on what the professor has explicitly stated regarding class credit. Check with your instructor for their specific course policies. All instructors recommend spreading the activities throughout the semester.

Do you do one-on-one tutoring in the English Success Center?

The ESC offers tutoring on a first come, first served basis. A student may have one (1) thirty (30) minute session per day. We do NOT proofread or edit papers. The goal of these sessions is to get students to start working on a maximum of two (2) specific elements of their paper. These sessions are great for brainstorming, expanding ideas, or checking formatting.

Online tutoring sessions are 30 minutes in length.

What should I bring to the English Success Center?

Please bring your Cypress College ID and your verification form for your class.