Library Displays

The Cypress College L/LRC maintains an exhibit case and display unit in the first floor Rotunda of the L/LRC. Funding for the display unit was provided by the Diversity Committee and the Library.

The exhibits and displays should be appropriate to an academic setting.

  • Displays that promote an appreciation, recognition, and understanding of diversity will be given priority. Guidelines for diversity events will be based on the Diversity Committee’s “Cypress College Multicultural Calendar of Events.”
  • Displays may also support the curriculum and/or institutional mission of Cypress College.
  • Displays may promote and reflect the L/LRC’s collections and services.

Exhibits and displays may reflect the unique personal expression(s) and composition ideas of the displayer, respective of the ACRL policy, “Free of information and of creative expression should be reflected in library exhibits and in all relevant library policy.” (ACRL Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries, item #7).

The monthly displays are to be scheduled by a Learning Resources staff member or the Diversity Committee’s library representative, with final approval from the Diversity Committee’s library representative. The person or department or committee responsible for planning and setting up a display/exhibit is also responsible for removing materials within two days of the end of the scheduled time. A form is to be filled out by the prospective displayer prior to the display date. This will include the identity of the displayer and a brief description of the theme and/or contents of the proposed exhibit/display, the dates of the display and the contact information. Posters and flyers announcing events on campus are to be submitted to the LRC desk for approval. LRC staff will place the posters or flyers on the display unit with any handouts related to the event and will remove them after the scheduled events.The exhibit case will be locked. Please ask the LRC desk for access to the exhibit case.