Teacher Preparation & Education Programs

Welcome to the Teacher Preparation and Education Programs. Here at Cypress College, we offer two different education programs: Teacher Preparation and Careers in Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Preparation.

Our Cypress College Teacher Preparation Program encompasses all the different levels of teaching. Whether you would like to become an elementary school teacher, a middle school teacher, or a high school teacher, we have just the program for you. We also have information if you are interested in teaching at the college level, or in the field of Special Education.

The Careers in Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Preparation Pathway at Cypress College provides a great option for professionals who wish to expand their career paths. They are provided with the opportunity to share years of insight and career expertise with a new generation of students who possess similar passions. A career in teaching is a gratifying way to impart a wealth of professional savvy within the career community.

Teacher Preparation Program

The Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) offers a comprehensive set of student services that include: individualized academic support, specialized counseling and outreach opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching.

The program also provides specialized core-curricular classes that include both content and pedagogy instruction, early fieldwork experience in a wide variety of educational settings, as well as becoming a part of the Educational Ambassadors Program.

The goal of the Teacher Preparation Program at Cypress College is to maximize the future teacher’s total educational experience while preparing them for transfer to a university credential program.

To get started in the Teacher Preparation Program at Cypress College, simply fill out a Teacher Preparation Data Sheet. You can return your completed form to a staff member in the Social Sciences Division Office in the Humanities Bldg., Room H-238.

Classes For Your Career In Teaching

For Academic Counseling please see Daniel Pelletier, the Teacher Preparation Counselor, at (714) 484-7015 to schedule an appointment. He can help you choose the best classes for your particular transfer needs.

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