Zoom Privacy, Security, & Misuse


General tips & guidance Collapse
Options to protect your privacy during Zoom sessions include:

  • Turn off your camera
  • Use a Cypress College virtual background
  • Do not use a profile picture
  • Adjust how your name is displayed
  • Be mindful of what you say in chat

Use of Cypress College Zoom services is subject to the campus Computer & Network Use Policy.  Violations of this policy involving Cypress College Zoom may result in serious consequences, just like violations of this policy in any other campus-associated online tools and services.  Usage violating Zoom’s Terms of Use may also result in consequences, including the suspension of user accounts.

Prevent Zoombombing
Zoombombing occurs when a Zoom meeting link is exploited or hacked by bad actors seeking to disrupt meetings by posting pornographic or otherwise inappropriate images or video, hate speech, harassing commentary, threats, and other disruptive content.  Nearly all Zoombombing incidents can be prevented if the Host configures Zoom settings appropriately for their meeting format.

Public meetings and classes require a different list of Zoom security settings than collaborative team meetings.  Get familiar with key settings before or at the start of your Zoom Meeting.

Do you have additional questions?  Email us at zoom@cypresscollege.edu.