Biology 174 C: Cell and Molecular Biology

This is the first course within the (future) biology majors AS degree. This course presents the biochemistry and molecular biology of cells and tissues. Representative topics to be included are: biomolecules, cell structure and metabolism, cell growth and reproduction, cell integration into tissues, and basic Mendelian and molecular genetics. This course will meet the preparation needs of students transferring to upper division biology study.

Text, Materials, and Computer Equipment Needed for This Course

Required: Reece, J. B. et al. (2011) Biology, 9th Edition, Pearson Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co. [ISBN:9781269047869; Note: This is a custom version of the book and costs less than purchasing the full version.] (This book can be found in the Cypress College Bookstore or it may be purchased online from any one of many vendors. Note: Two copies of this textbook are held in the library at the reserve desk to be checked out for a specific period of time. Note: This textbook is also used in BIOL 175 C, which many of you will take the following semester (so don’t sell it after completing BIOL 174 C).

Required: Web handouts (including PowerPoint presentations as PDF documents, lab worksheets, study guides, grades, syllabi…etc)-download from Blackboard.

Required: Lab worksheets-download from Blackboard.

Recommended: A lecture and lab notebook for taking your own notes during lecture and lab periods. This is for your use only.

  • You can find current list of all hardware and software requirements on the DE website and linked to the Blackboard login page. Before you login to Blackboard be sure to test your browser using the Illinois Central College browser check.
  • A computer with word processing and spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Office Word and Excel)
  • Access to the internet
  • A valid email address
  • A valid username and password to access the Blackboard course website

Course Resources