ACCT 102 Hybrid-Online Managerial Accounting


ACCT 101 C


To be successful in completing this course, students should have completed, at a minimum, CIS 111 C: Computer Information Systems, CIS 103 C: Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and MATH 041 C: College Algebra.

Course Description

This course provides the foundation for the study of how managers use accounting information in decision-making, planning, directing operations and controlling. It focuses on cost terms and concepts, cost behavior, cost structure and cost-volume-profit analysis. This course includes issues relating to cost systems, cost control, profit planning, and performance analysis in manufacturing and service environments

Course Requirements

  • Textbook: Accounting Tools for Business Decision Making, by Paul Kimmel, 6th edition, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2015. Wiley Plus Access Code to complete homework is included with textbook package
  • Hardware & Software: Computer with Internet Connection, Supported Internet Browser: Windows-Internet Explorer or Macintosh-Firefox or Google-Chrome. (FYI: If students have any problems using Internet Explorer with our course website, please download and use Firefox or Chrome.)
  • Online/Computer Skills Needed: Students are expected to be able to browse the Internet with ease, to use email, to submit emails with attachments, to post messages and replies using discussion forums, to word-process, and to create excel spreadsheets.
  • Online Tips for Success: Students are expected to be motivated, independent workers that will regularly log into our course web site to perform course activities on a weekly basis as required in the course schedule. It is important that students meet course deadlines in a timely manner and use course materials to successfully progress in this hybrid-online course. To be an active student in this hybrid-online course, students are required to submit assignments and attend class meetings on a weekly basis per the course schedule.

Hybrid Online Classroom Format

This class will be conducted online utilizing a Canvas online course management system and can be accessed at

Tentative Course Outline

This hybrid-online course covers 11 chapters. For each chapter, there will be both online and on-campus quizzes, homework exercises, and case study activities. A written assignment including a paper that is 800 words minimum length. A team project including a written paper that is 800 words minimum length and a team presentation with a power point file. There will also be three exams and a final exam.

Important Reminder

For this hybrid-online course, students are required to attend on-campus meetings and complete online participation hours per the schedule of assignments on a weekly basis.