Cindy Shrout, B.S., M.S.

Professor Cindy Shrout

Mathematics | Science Engineering & Math


Phone: (714) 484-7000 Ext: 48621

Office Hours:  For Spring 2019, I will not be teaching. I will be on campus, but will not have regular office hours. To set up an appointment, please email me.

Location: Science Engineering and Mathematics (SEM) Room 228

About Professor Shrout

I truly enjoy teaching! It is so much fun to be in front of a class and present material in a way that motivates learning. I have taught almost all of the classes that we offer in our department. Currently I am teaching College Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. I now teach all of my classes in an online format. As a part of my online classes the students have access to videos of all of my lectures. The students have the opportunity to replay the videos as many times as they need to understand the concept. The format is quite successful!

Come be a part of the best club on campus! The Math Club is a great group of people that have a lot of fun.

For relaxation and enjoyment I love to sail, go backpacking, and do woodworking.

Recommended Course

MATH 141C College Algebra

This course is the fundamental course for all of the higher level math courses — trigonometry, calculus, etc. It is so important to get a good foundation! Come, let’s build a solid foundation, so that you can go far in science and mathematics!


  • Math 141C College Algebra Online
  • Math 040C Intermediate Algebra Online

Math 141C College Algebra/Math 040C Intermediate Algebra

  • This course will be offered in an hybrid format with an on campus orientation and on campus exams.
  • The course is set up on Canvas.
  • Homework and quizzes are input through MyMathLab.
  • The ebook comes with the MyMathLab access code that you purchase, no expensive hardbound textbook to buy.
  • The course is designed to keep you on task, and keep you away from the dreaded, “I got behind!”
  • All homework and daily quizzes are submitted on the computer.
  • Five traditional exams plus a final are scheduled to be taken on campus.
  • Extensive reviews for the exams are provided.
  • This course is definitely as rigorous as an on campus course.

Are you wondering whether an hybrid class is right for you? Take the Cypress College Distance Education Readiness Quiz and find out.

System requirements for MyMathLab

What computer skills will I need to succeed in this class? The ability to use email, basic keyboarding, navigate MyMathLab (a Canvas-based application).

What are some suggestions for how to succeed in this course? Here are some suggestions from Distance Education.

Here is the link for our course management system MyMathLab which is on the Course Compass website of Pearson Publishing.


  • Math Videos Our department has prepared a great number of videos to help students. On this site there are review videos for many topics that students tend to struggle with. These are titled Cypress College Math Review. There are also full course sets of videos for some of our courses.
  • American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges Student Mathematics League offers a competition for all students at community colleges. This fun, but challenging competition assumes no knowledge of calculus. Sample exams are on their website. The math club regularly competes, both in the fall and spring semesters.