MORT 100 C Orientation to Funeral Service

Catalog Description

This course is designed to acquaint the mortuary science student with general information on the practice of the funeral profession. Topics covered include: notification of death, transfer of remains, the arrangement conference, prefunded/preplanned funerals, shipment of remains, cremation, and aftercare, as well as the basic principles of merchandising as it applies to the funeral profession, construction and features of caskets, outer burial containers, and other funeral related products; and methods of display and presentation. In addition, the progression of associations and education within funeral service will be discussed.

Required Course Resources

Textbooks (at bookstore)

  • Habenstein, Robert W. and Lamers, William M. The History of American Funeral Directing, 8th revised edition, National Funeral Directors Association, Brookfield, WI (2014). Available from the Resource Store at
  • Klicker, Ralph L. Funeral Directing and Funeral Service Management, Thanos Institute, Buffalo, NY(2008).

Course Outline (at bookstore and on Canvas course site)

Handouts (provided by instructor on Canvas course site)

Other materials as necessary located at the library or on the internet (Canvas course site)

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