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Professor Laurie Morvan

Mathematics | Science Engineering & Math


Phone: (714) 484-7000 Ext: 48628

Office Hours:  Monday and Wednesday, 10-10:45 a.m. and 3:50-4:50 p.m., Tuesdays 8:30-9:10 a.m. and 3:50-4:30 p.m.

Location: Science Engineering Math Building, SEM-270

About Professor Morvan

Math is power!

I have been a full-time faculty member in the Math Department at Cypress College since the Fall of 2002. I love teaching and really look forward to helping you be successful in your math classes.

Educational Background

I got my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, where I attended on a volleyball scholarship. I also went through the Institute of Aviation while I was there and got my Private, Commercial, Instrument and Multi-engine pilot’s licenses. I received my Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics at CSU Long Beach and was awarded the top Math Graduate Student Award.

Personal Info About Me

Besides math, I have a burning passion for music. I am a lead guitar player/singer in my own blues rock band. Each May after the school year ends, we hit the road in our tour van traveling to shows all throughout the USA, Canada and even once to Europe! We have 5 CDs out, have won some awards, been the subject of a TV special and played so many great shows that I’ve lost count. Our biggest audience was for 6,000 people at a blues festival in Canada.

Almost every summer, in between touring, I manage to take a week’s vacation and go backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with some close friends. We all love the feeling of being out in the wilderness, having with us only what we can carry on our backs, and climbing some of the most beautiful trails in the world to witness places most people will never see!

I also love to cycle and feel fortunate to live in SoCal where I can ride my bike almost every day of the year. When you come in to my office hours, you may see my bike parked right there in my office.

I am here to help you succeed!

You are invited to come by anytime during my office hours for help with your studies or just to talk about your future in math. I believe all students can be successful and it is my goal to help you achieve your dreams.

Recommended Course

MATH 150AC Calculus I

Calculus has far-reaching applications in engineering, science, business, and medicine. Come join in the fun as we explore all the challenging and exciting destinations along this journey into your new mathematical cosmos!


  • Math 142 Trigonometry Online
  • Math 142 Trigonometry
  • Math 150A Calculus 1

Math 142 & 150 Class Information

Math 142 Trigonometry Online/Math 142 Trigonometry

Did you ever want to build a skateboard ramp whose incline was exactly 12 degrees? Well Trigonometry can help you determine the measurements you need to cut the wood to build your perfect ramp!

Maybe you want to know which direction to point your airplane as it flies through the skies, to compensate for the wind so that you end up at your dream destination. Trigonometry comes to the rescue and teaches you how to plan your next flight!

Course Description

Trigonometry helps us understand how the world works in a very physical way through analyzing angles, triangles, and vectors. You will learn to solve equations and application problems, create and analyze intricate graphs of all the Trigonometric Functions, and work with complex numbers, polar coordinates and parametric equations. It is also where you will learn techniques of trigonometric proof, and get prepared for taking more advanced classes such as Calculus I and Physics.


Math 141 College Algebra, with grade C or better. Equivalent courses: Pre-Calculus, or high school Math Analysis.

Course Requirements

  • Textbook: Trigonometry, tenth edition, by Lial, Hornsby, Schneider. Hardcopy textbook is optional as the eBook is included with your MyMathLab access.
  • Materials Needed: Pencil, paper, graph paper, textbook, scientific calculator, protractor.
  • Computer Skills: To successfully complete this course you will be using many different online technologies:
  • Web browser (recommended browser is Firefox, with Pop Ups enabled).
    • Canvas course management system
    • MyMathLab course management system
    • Email
    • Document handlers like Word, Open Office, Adobe Reader
  • Study Skills: Students who enroll in this online course need to have the self-motivation and discipline required to work consistently through the instructional video lessons, take notes, as well as keep up with their homework assignments, online quizzes, and group projects. Additionally all students in this course will take their exams on campus with their instructor. Be advised that while an online course does offer some flexibility of schedule, it takes at least as much prep and study time as a traditional class.

On Campus Meetings

While this is an online class, there are seven required in-person meetings: the Orientation Meeting, a Group Project day, four Exams and the Final Exam. All meetings are on the same day of the week and the exact dates are listed in the Class Schedule found on the Schedule and Catalog tab of the Cypress College home page.

Canvas Course Site

Canvas is your main access point for all the lecture and learning materials required for this course. To enter our course:

  • Go to
  • Enter Your User Name: Your Cypress College student ID, including the “@” sign and beginning zeros.
  • Enter Your Password: The password is the same password you self-selected in myGateway.
  • Click Login
  • Under “My Courses.” click the course title: Math 142 to enter the class website.

Math 142 Links

  • DE Computer Requirements Learn about what equipment and software you need to take a Distance Education class.
  • MyMathLab is where you will do homework, take quizzes and get online help learning all the Trigonometry concepts needed to be successful in our class..
  • Answers to Even Problems You can get extra practice by solving the even problems in your textbook.

Math 150A Calculus 1

Calculus is where your study of upper level mathematics really begins. It is a very demanding and yet very rewarding course where you will learn to approach math in a new, more mature, and meaningful way. I am really excited to be your guide on this fantastic exploration.


  • Math Learning Center
    Located on the first floor of  the Library and Learning Resource Center, the MLC offers students help through walk-in tutoring and one-on-one tutoring by appointment.
  • Sine Graph is created from Unit Circle
    Watch this video to see how a Sine graph is generated from y-values of a point traveling around the Unit Circle.