ENGR 102 – Engineering Graphics

Course Description

Introductory course which utilizes drafting and CAD systems for engineering applications. The course incorporates principles associated with technical drawing and various command structures in computer assisted drafting (CAD) in order to develop solutions to 2D and 3D design problems. Topics included are drawing of geometric shapes, orthographic projection, dimensioning, tolerances, file management and layering. This is a 3-unit course consisting of 2 hrs of lecture and 4 hrs of lab per week. (UC and CSU transferable).

Course Material

  • Handouts will be posted on Canvas
  • Discovering AutoCAD by Mark Dix,

Classwork and lab assignments

Lab works and assignments are given in the class. All lab assignments must be completed in the class and will be collected at the end of each lab period.


There will be 3 exams throughtout the course covering presented material. The exams will be two parts: theory and drafting

Group Project

There will be three group projects.

  1. 2D project: creating a civil or architectural drawing
  2. 3D project: creating a drafting from a mechanical component or a 3D system
  3. 3D printing: designing an object using AutoCad, converting to stl format, creating G code and printing a prototype using Cypress College 3D printers