CIS 116 C MS Outlook


  • Textbook: Microsoft Outlook 2016 Intermediate; Cengage; ISBN: 978-1-30587114-4
  • USB storage device
  • Notebook

Books are available at the Cypress College Bookstore.

CIS Lab Hours (Room BUS 202): Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.–9 p.m., Friday 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Course Description

This course teaches the student how to use MS Outlook 2016 for business and professional use. This course provides the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to take the Core level Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook 2016 exams.


CIS 101 C, or CIS 125 C or a basic knowledge of MS Word and the ability to type 20 wpm.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the various features of Outlook
  • Work with Emails in Outlook
  • Create and modify Appointments
  • Create Contacts
  • Integrate Outlook with other Microsoft Office applications
  • Create Tasks
  • Understand various Email Server connectivity choices.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Given Information, student will create proper Contacts with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
  2. Given Information, student will create proper Appointments with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
  3. Given Information, student will create and manage emails and tasks with a minimum of 70% accuracy.

Assignments and Exams

Each Outlook lesson will have assigned exercises as noted on separate assignment sheets. There will be an Outlook application test and an Outlook multiple choice test.


Grades for this course will be based on points earned for assigned exercises, quizzes, and exams. Assignments submitted late will receive ½ credit. Total points possible will be determined as exercises are assigned in class.

Final letter grade will be based on percentage of total possible points earned.

Grading scale is as follows:

90-100 % = A 80-89 % = B 70-79 % = C 60-69 % = D 0-59 % = F

This course can be taken for a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) or a Pass/No Pass option. Students desiring a Pass/No Pass grade must complete and submit a Pass/No pass Request to Admissions and Records by the submission deadline. Refer to the Class Schedule for the submission deadline.


Regular attendance is expected of every student. Attendance at the first class meeting is strongly recommended because of high demand for classes. Any student not attending the first class meeting may be dropped by the instructor.

Each enrolled student is expected to attend every scheduled class session. Because of the length of each lecture period and lab times, attendance is crucial to a student’s success and achievement. Missing lab hours and/or lecture could result in the student being dropped from this class. After a student accumulates more than a week’s absences (more than the number of times the class meets per week), consecutive or nonconsecutive, an instructor may drop the student according to the drop deadline dates.

Please keep your instructor informed as to absences BEFORE class times if you can. If you cannot attend a class, please contact your instructor via e-mail.

While an instructor may drop a student who has poor attendance, it is the student’s responsibility to officially drop the class if attendance and completion is no longer possible.

Tips for Online Success

The successful online student is independent, self-motivated, willing to learn in isolation, willing to ask questions as soon as questions arise, good with written instructions, good at expressing himself in writing, aware of technology as a convenience and a barrier.


The Blackboard program is used for this web-enhanced course. Blackboard is accessed through Log in with your user name and myGateway password.

Computer requirements to do class work at home: A computer platform as follows: Operating System: Windows 7 or later Software: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Browser: Latest Firefox Modem: DSL, Cable or Fiber Internet connection, an email account.

Availability of On-Campus Computers: If you do not have access to above hardware/software at home, On-campus computers with required hardware/software for students use are available in the second floor computer lab (Room B202) in the Business Building. The primary storage device used in the CIS Computer Lab is a USB Flash Memory Storage Device. All students enrolled in this class are eligible to use the computer lab for unlimited number of hours during the term of the course. The lab is fully staffed with certified instructors and lab technicians to assist you with your work.

Academic Honesty Policy

Each student is expected to do their own work. You may work together to solve the assigned problems, but each of you must complete your own work. Academic dishonesty may result in an “F” on all or part of an assignment and referral to the dean and possibly a failing grade in the class. For more information, please study the Academic Honesty Policy for Cypress College, which appears in the college catalog available online at the Cypress College website.

Email Correspondence

Always include your name and the course identification in the subject line of any email you send to your instructor. Always sign your email messages. It is the instructor’s policy not to open email from unknown recipients.