Study Guide 224

HUSR 224

Study Guide for Exam I
Chapters 1-4

Self Esteem Strategies

Chapter #1 1.) Why is Self Esteem Considered the Immune System of the Consciousness? Pg.18
2.) Personal Interpretation of Self-Esteem based on Branden’s description. Pg.4
3.) The result of having a high Self-Esteem vs. Low Self-Esteem when life brings on difficulties. Pg.5
4.) Behavior/personality characteristics of individuals having High Self-Esteem vs. Low Self-Esteem. Pg.5
5.) Definition of a Toxic Relationship. Pg.6
6.) Is a High Self-Esteem the best predictor of ones personal happiness? Pg.6
7.) Why do some individuals sabotage their happiness via Happiness Anxiety? Pg.11-13
8.) Is ones self-concept their destiny? What is my Self-fulfilling Prophecy? Pg.15-16
9.) Is it possible to possess too much Self-Esteem? Pg.19
10.What are the characteristics of Unconlficted Self-Esteem? Pg. 20
11.) How does Self-Esteem co-exist in the 20th. Century Workplace? Pg. 21-23
12.)What is the relationship between Self-Reliance, Self-Trust and Self-Esteem? Pg.24

Chapter #2

The differences between Self- Efficacy and Self-Respect. Pg.26-27
We are unlikeky to hit a target we cannot see! Pg. 28
The root of our need for Self Esteem. Pg.29
The need for action based results Pg. 31
Self-Efficacy as an operational concept. Pg. 33-34
Self-Respect as an operational concept. Pg.37-39
Does Pride always come before a fall? Pg. 41.

Chapter # 3

1.) Why can’t I be perfect? Pg. 43
2.) Is the glass half empty/half full, or is there just room for more? Pg..44
3.) Is it Realism or Perception? Pg.45-46
4.) How do I know when I am Centered? Pg. 46
5.) How do I use Inductive and Deductive Reasoning? Pg. 47
6.) If I have to be Human, what can I learn from my mistakes! Pg.48
7.) Why fear and self-doubt are Toxic to my Self-Esteem (Immune System). Pg. 48

Chapter # 4

1.) Why is Fear my enemy? Pg. 49
2.) Is Self-Esteem Active or Passive? Pg. 50
3.) What is Psychological Determinism? (How I use it?) Pg.50
4.) The power of Thought establishes the power in my Words. Pg. 50
5.) How do I cure an underdeveloped Self-Esteem? Pg. 51
6.) I must permit myself to be intimate with Me! Pg.52
7.) Do you know any approval addicts? Pg. 53
8.) How is my Autonomy? Pg. 54
9.) What is my vision? (Do you have a Dream?) Pg. 55
10.)How do I actualize my Vision? (Exercise)