Study Guide 295

Study Guide for Exam II
Chapters 5-8

Chapter 5: Asian and Pacific Islanders

Key Concepts:

  • What were the early experencies for the Asian immigrants?
  • What is the impact of being labeled the “Model Minority”?
  • Which states have the largest Asian populations currently?
  • What is the importance of maintaining the native languages for this group?
  • What were the Stereotypes or labels attributed to this group?
  • What was the impact of being contract laborers and being in the lower social economic class?
  • What aspect of their culture is lost by becoming “Americanized”?
  • Who were the Nisei and the Issei?
  • What was the impact or purpose of internment camps?
  • What relationship did early Asian immigrants have with the government system based on their homeland experiences?
  • What social functions do gangs provide for this cultures youth?
  • As a result of relationship this group has with the criminal justice system crime is over reported or under reported?

Chapter 6: Middle Eastern Americans

Key Concepts:

  • What is the importance of religion to this culture?
  • Define:
    • polytheism
    • monotheism
    • patriarchy
    • hate crime
    • xenophobia
    • Authoritarian personality traits
  • What is the rate of victimization for this culture?
  • How is this group usually protrayed in the media?
  • What are the stereotypes or labels for this group?
  • What are the characteristics of the:
    • Mission hate offender
    • Reactive hate offender
    • Extremist hate offender
    • Thrill Seeking hate offender

Chapter 7: The Criminal Justice System

  • What is the impact of “Education” for individuals seeking understanding of cultural diversity?
  • Are Women adequately represented in law enforcement?
  • What are the traits of an effective listener?
  • What is proxemics?
  • Methods of appropriate verbal and non verbal communication?
  • What is the value of being versed in a second language for law enforcement?
  • What is the purpose and goals of Community Policing?

Chapter 8: Measuring Crime

  • What is the Uniform Crime Report?
  • What is the National Incident Based Reporting System?
  • What is the National Crime Victimization Survey?
  • What are the positives and negative applications for each of the above?

Essay: To be announced in class during the review.