HIST 170: US History to 1877

United States History to 1877, Cypress College, History 170.

Any on-campus meetings are in room HUM-101.

Although there are no prerequisites for this class, the instructor recommends the completion of either: English 100, 103, or 104, as it will be helpful to write well in order to successfully pass this course.

This is an online course with three meetings on campus, and the remainder of the course online.

This course is a survey of American History from the colonial foundations to 1877.

The course satisfies state requirements in American history and institutions for transfer. Duplicate credit will not be granted for HIST 170HC.

Texts: American Horizons, vol. 1, by Schaller, et al, The World Turned Upside Down by Calloway, and The Postal Age by Henkin, and other assigned and/or reserved readings. See bookstore, or other options for obtaining copies: Cypress College Bookstore

Location: Go to cypresscollege.instructure.com, select Login, enter your User Name, which is your Cypress College student ID, including the “@” sign and beginning zeros, and your Password, which is The same password is the same password you self-selected in WebStar. Under “My Courses”, click the course title, HIST 170: United States History to 1877, to enter the class website. (If no course titles appear under “My Courses,” click on the pencil tip on the top right corner of the box. Check the box under “Display Course Name,” then OK.) There is an announcement entitled, “Welcome to Class!”. Read and follow the directions.

Some student computer skills necessary for success in this course include comfort with web browsing, word processing, sending and receiving email, and saving coursework on a computer.

Necessities include reading and typing will be required, as assignment will be expected in American English, international standardized English, if possible.

To access Canvas you will need: a PC running Windows 98, 2000 or XP; At least 32 Mb RAM and 200 Mb free disk space; Internet connection via modem of 56k bps or faster; Supported web browsers: Windows- Internet Explorer 6; Firefox 1.0.x; and a Word processing program.

To access your online classroom you will need to know your username and password, have internet access and a valid email account.