Career Counseling and Career Center Team

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is essential to helping you define your career and life goals which directly impact your educational success. 

Counseling is available to assist with:

  • Discovering your career/major options
  • Targeting your ideal career or field of interest
  • Clarifying your preferred interests, skills, strengths, and work values
  • Disseminating and interpreting career assessments
  • Guiding you through the goal setting and decision-making process
  • Perfecting job search strategies, résumé writing, and interview preparation
  • Improving your online presence, social media branding, and networking techniques
  • Understanding the various skills, attitudes, characteristics, and qualifications needed for your career choices
  • Conveying the need for enhancing 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, math, writing, communication, and computer literacy

In-Person Counseling

Career Counseling appointments are available Monday-Friday.  We have morning, afternoon and early-evening appointments.  Contact us at (714) 484-7120 to schedule an appointment.

Cranium Café – Online Career Counseling

Walk-ins are welcome for Online Career Counseling.
Sarah Coburn, Career Counselor, Cranium Cafe

Meet the Staff

Meet the staff and learn the STRENGTHS of the Career Planning Center team.

Career Center Team (Full-Time)

Dr. Troy Davis
Dean of Counseling and Student Development
*** | *** | *** | *** | ***
Angela Sardan
Career Center Coordinator
*** | *** | *** | *** | ***
Sarah Coburn
Career Counselor / Instructor
Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Sarah Coburn
Positivity | Input | Empathy | Futuristic | Includer
Zola Aponte
Instructional Assistant
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
NOCCCD Leadership Academy Graduate
Input | Individualization | Ideation | Intellection | Empathy
Belinda Allan
Instructional Assistant
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
NOCCCD Leadership Academy Graduate
Developer | Empathy | Input | Positivity | Arranger

Career Center Team (Adjunct/Overload)

Dana Bedard
Career Counselor/Instructor
Woo | Communication | Adaptability | Significance | Positivity
Nicholas Bravo
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor
Restorative | Analytical | Arranger | Deliberative | Futuristic
Anne-Marie Beck
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor
Futuristic | Achiever | Strategic | Significance | Ideation
Amanda Garcia
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor, Career Coach
Achiever | Individualization | Competition | Futuristic | Responsibility
Melissa Herrera
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor
Learner | Maximizer | Connectedness | Individualization | Input
Markell Morris
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor
Maximizer | Responsibility | Connectedness | Relator | Harmony
Ruby Pastrana
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor, Career Coach
Responsibility | Arranger | Relator | Includer | Developer
Vanessa Rubinfeld
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor
Responsibility | Consistency | Communication | Empathy | Connectedness
Christina Sundermeier
Adjunct Career Counselor/Instructor
Achiever | Connectedness | Empathy | Input | Responsibility