North Orange Continuing Education

North Orange Continuing Education (formerly School of Continuing Education) offers many lifelong learning opportunities and services. Please visit our website for registration and current schedule information.

  • Basic Skills: Writing, Reading, Literacy, Spelling, Math, Science, G.E.D. preparation
  • Business/Finance: Business, Finance Management, Office Administration, Real Estate
  • Communications: Language, Reading, Sign Language and Speech.
  • Computers: Computers, Digital Media, Internet, Microsoft Training
  • Creative Arts & Cooking: Antiques, Arts, Cooking, Floral, Home Decorating, Music and Photography
  • Disabled Students: Disabled Students Program services
  • Early Childhood Education: Early Childhood Certificate Program courses.
  • English As A Second Language: including Citizenship, Literacy, and Workplace Skills
  • Exercise & Dance: Exercise and Dance classes
  • High School: achieving a High School Diploma
  • Kids College: fun courses in all areas of instruction
  • Medical: Clerical, Pharmacy Technician and Residential Services
  • Older Adult: courses that are designed for the Older Adult
  • Parenting: courses for Parenting Education and Parent and Child Classes
  • Personal Enrichment: Career Planning, Consumer Education, Nutrition, Personal Health
  • Travel: courses for careers in the travel industry
  • Vocational Training: Bartending, Computer Repair, Construction, Notary, Shop Training