High School Students Compete in Third Cypress College Automotive Competition

Cypress College’s Third High School Auto Competition included competition from seven two-student teams. The students competed in tasks at six different skills stations: tire rotation; brake rotor runout measurement; engine component measurement; scan tool operation; series circuits; and parallel circuits.

Snap-On Tools provided prizes for first through third place. All participants received hats and sponsor t-shirts.

students who competed in Cypress College's High School Auto Competition #3

Seven two-person teams competed at Cypress College’s High School Auto Competition #3, which was held on Thursday, January 9, 2013.

Also attending the event, held by Cypress College’s Toyota T-TEN automotive technology program, where high school instructors, parents, and students. The event helps emphasize to high school students and their parents the high-tech skills required for employment in the automotive industry, as well as the potential career paths.

Cypress College employees responsible for the successful event include automotive technology faculty and staff members: Michael Klyde, Louis Krebbs, Lidia Coman, Russ Bacarella, and Marty Orozco.

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