Student Life & Leadership

The Student Life & Leadership Center is charged with providing an element of students’ lives that coexists with their academic endeavors.

The Student Life & Leadership building offers students:

  • Small computer lab
  • Small student lounge
  • Food Pantry
  • Game room
  • Conference room
  • Associated Students executive office areas
  • General work area for student club projects

The Student Life & Leadership Office:

  • Facilitates student participation in shared governance for the college
  • Coordinates a variety of events/activities for the student population of the campus
  • Provides a focus point for approximately 15-20 clubs on campus
  • Serves all of the day time students of Cypress College

People standing in a group

Student Life & Leadership Funds:

The source of funds for the Student Life & Leadership Center and its various programs:

  • General funds
  • Interest drawn on a CD at Bank of America
  • Game room revenues
  • The AS Benefits sticker
  • Photo ID fee
  • On campus phone booth/ATM ads
  • School newspaper kiosks ads
  • Miscellaneous income derived from AS fundraisers and Clubs also use a variety of fundraisers as their main source of funding

Student Life & Leadership Staff:

The Student Life & Leadership Advisor is responsible for:

  • The Associated Student organization
  • Promotion of the student benefits sticker
  • Promotion of the photo ID card
  • The Student Activities Center
  • Campus Publicity Guidelines