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A grid shows nine images of the Cypress Bistro including food and students working there.

Welcome back to our classroom, Cypress Bistro, a student-run restaurant featuring dishes prepared by our World Cuisine advanced culinary students and served by our Restaurant Management class from Cypress College’s Hotel, Restaurant, Culinary Arts Department.

Lunch is served on Thursdays with one seating time at 12 p.m. Please allow for a leisurely experience of at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each meal consists of a four-course tasting menu for $20 (includes tax and standard beverages). Gratuities are graciously accepted for student activities. At this time, we are only able to accept cash payments. 

The Bistro is temporarily located on the Cypress College main campus, in the modular structures behind the Business Building.

To help our students practice their skills in an optimal learning environment, we prefer parties of four or fewer guests. We cannot accommodate to-go orders or special dietary requests. For reservations, please email your full name and phone number to Tracey Heine at If your plans change, please cancel within 24 hours to allow others the opportunity to enjoy this dining experience.

March 7 | Lebanon


Sumac Pita Chips. Whipped Garlic Dip.

Deconstructed Fattoush. Compressed Cucumber.
Feta Mousse. Purple Beet Fluid Gel. Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette.

Crispy Potatoes. Roasted Garlic Yogurt.
Pomegranate BBQ Sauce.

Grilled Chicken Shish Tawook. Harissa Carrot Puree.
Pickled Grapes. Cucumber Tzatziki.

Brown Butter Tahini Blondie. Greek Yogurt Sorbet.
Black Garlic Caramel. Walnut Soil. Orange Blossom Crème Anglaise

March 14 | Vietnam


Sesame Roll. Red Bean Butter.

Rainbow Summer Roll.
Watermelon Radish. Carrot Pickle.
Avocado Puree. Mango. Tamarind Peanut Sauce.

Caramelized Pork Belly Slider. Banh Mi Vegetables.
Duck Liver Pate. Walnut Mustard. Sriracha Aioli.

Braised Beef Short Rib Pot Au Feu. Spiced Pho Broth.
Rainbow Carrot. Fingerling Potato. Bean Sprouts.

Coconut Cheesecake. Black Sesame Crust. Soursop Curd.
Sweet Corn Mousse. Candied Kumquat. Sesame Brittle.

April 4 | Ethiopia


Doro Wat Chicken Wing. Berbere Glaze.
Spiced Aioli. Cured Egg Yolk.

Ethiopian-Style Beef Stew
Sautéed Turmeric Cabbage
Peanut Stew with Caramelized Onion + Kale
House-Made Cottage Cheese + Collard Greens
Berbere-Spiced Grape Tomato Salad

Gooey Butter Cake. Ethiopian Coffee Sauce.
Salty Whipped Cream. Chocolate Espresso Bean.

April 11 | Sweden


Swedish Crispbread. Smoked Trout Dip.

Caraway Cabbage Soup. Mustard Caviar.
Buttermilk Espuma. Rye Crumb.

Charred Carrots. Beet Puree.
Parmesan Crisp. Dill Chimichurri.

Juniper-Crusted Beef Strip Loin.
Pomme Puree. Swedish Pickle. Aquavit Demi.

Orange Cardamom Bread Pudding. Sour Cream Ice Cream.
Vanilla Sauce. Lingonberry Jam.

April 18 | Japan


Milk Bread Rolls. Miso Butter.

Salmon Tataki. Nori Rice Crisp. Dehydrated Jalapeno.
Mandarin Oranges. Carrot Miso Vinaigrette.

Shichimi Togarashi Potato Croquette.
Japanese Curry Sauce. Furikake Flakes.

Karaage Chicken Thigh. Korean Rice Cakes. Miso Shiitakes.
6-Minute Egg. Gochujang Brown Butter.

Matcha Popsicle. Sake-Macerated Blueberries.
Blueberry Fluid Gel. Wasabi Crème Anglaise.

April 25 | Brazil


South American Food + Indian-Inspired Flavors

Cassava Rolls. Paneer Cheese. Garlic Ghee.

Amuse Bouche | Fried Hollow Puri. Masala Spiced Chicken + Potato. Garlic Sauce.

Red Lentil Soup. Lime Crème Fraiche. Crumbled Naan. Cilantro Oil.

Kabocha Squash Pastel. Black Beans. Chimichurri.

Basil-Crusted Lamb Chop. Potato Puree. Cucumber Raita Sphere.
Heirloom Carrots. Brazil Nut Pesto.

Intermezzo | Encapsulated Caipirinha Drop. Gold Leaf. Rose Petals.

Passionfruit Cremeux. Vanilla Sable. Coconut Meringue. Raspberry Gel.

May 2 | Philippines


Senorita Bread Rolls. Filipino Cheese Filling.

Amuse Bouche | Rice Paper Dumpling. Tamarind Dipping Sauce.

Crispy Coconut Shrimp. Blue Corn Lumpia Crisp.
Red Cabbage Slaw. Garlic Chili Oil Vinaigrette. Cilantro Crema.

Intermezzo | Roasted Coconut Lychee Sorbet

Pork Belly Uramaki. Adobo Glaze. Garlic Fried Rice.
Banana Aioli. Mango Ponzu.

Coconut Ube Panna Cotta. Sweetened Banana.
Sabo Pate Sablee. Red Bean Whipped Cream.

Mango Bar. Candied Ginger Polvoron Crumble.
Crunchy Meringue. Coconut Rum Sabayon.

May 9 | United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Braided Irish Soda Bread Rolls. Whipped Salted Molasses Butter.

Amuse Bouche | Tikka Masala Croquette. Garlic Sauce.  

Green Pea Gnocchi. Basil + Pea Puree. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.
Crispy Pancetta. Mint Pesto.

Puff Pastry Beef Hand Pie. Stew Vegetables.
Irish Brown Sauce.

Crispy Beer Battered Cod. Carrot Chips. Fried Smashed Potatoes.
Pickle Tartar Sauce. Grilled Lemon.

Intermezzo | Minted Orange Sorbet

Earl Grey Tea + Lavender Pound Cake.
Blackberry Jelly. Crumbled Shortbread.
Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream. Chantilly Cream.

May 16 | Korea


Black Sesame Mochi Roll. Gochujang Butter.

Amuse Bouche | Kalbi Short Rib. Crispy Rice. Seasoned Kelp.
Fermented Daikon. Radish Curl.

Hand-Cut Cold Noodles. Spicy Chili Oil. Bok Choy.

Hamachi Crudo. Red Yuzu Ponzu. Salted Plum Caviar. Sesame Leaf Oil.

Intermezzo | Candied Green Grape. Strawberry Popping Candy.

Tender Pork Belly. Seared Rice. Traditional Banchan.
Scallion Salad. Gochujang Glaze. Tonkatsu Broth.

Matcha Mochi Blondie. Strawberry Red Bean Ice Cream.
Macerated Strawberries. Yellow Rock Sugar Brittle.
Bonito Caramel Sauce.

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