At Cypress College, Student Organizations (or Clubs) offer students many opportunities to form strong friendships, experience personal and professional growth, and become more involved in their campus community.
Student Organizations may range from special interest to discipline-based. Each active organization elects its own officers, holds regular meetings, and coordinates its own functions throughout the academic year. These organizations also send representatives to participate in Inter-Club Council (ICC), a governance group under Associated Students. ICC is vital in maintaining this accessible, efficient, and inclusive branch of collegiate life.

To start a new Student Organization or complete an annual charter renewal for an existing Student Organization, please submit a Student Organization Charter Form.
All Student Organizations are chartered through Student Life and Leadership and Associated Students. If you have any questions or concerns about Student Organizations and club life, please contact the Associated Students Vice President of Student Organizations or Student Life and Leadership.
Ryan Ayers
Vice President of Student Organizations
Associated Students
Cypress College
T: (714) 484-7768
Student Life and Leadership (Building 8)
T: (714) 484-7198
Cranium Café:
Below is a list of Student Organizations available at Cypress College. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please email the group’s designated advisor.
Please note that some organizations listed may not be currently active.

Advocates for Student Basic Needs (ASBN)

Advisor: Vanessa Rubinfeld

Anthropology Club

Advisor: Jaclyn Magginetti

ARCA/MCA Student Chapter (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Association / Mechanical Contractors Association)

Advisor: Richard Hock

ASL Chargers (American Sign Language)

Advisor: Sandra Garcia

Business Club

The purpose of the Business Club is to provide members with important information and an educational insight regarding these specific fields. The plan is to learn about the different aspects and job opportunities that are associated within these two areas.

Advisor: Ann Sheridan-Solis

CACERES (Central Americans for Community, Education, Resistance, Empowerment, and Solidarity)

Advisor: Janet Owen Driggs

California Nursing Students’ Association, Cypress Chapter (CNSA – Cypress Chapter)

Advisor: Sally McNay

CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles)

Advisor: Nicole Ledesma

Chemistry Club

Advisor: Robin De Roo

Circle K International

Circle K International is built upon service, leadership, and fellowship. As a service organization, we serve our communities through service events all while bonding through socials and leadership conferences. As an organization we strive to serve our community as an international organization. As a club at Cypress College, we still strive to serve our community, but strive to provide a community for students to bond and develop friendships all while instilling/developing leadership skills through workshops or conferences.

Computer Science and Cybersecurity Club

Advisor: Rassoul Alizadeh

Cypress Campus Christians

Cypress Campus Christians is a student group composed of believers in Christ from various backgrounds and we stand absolutely for the faith common to all Christians. We love the Lord Jesus Christ, endeavor to give Him “the first place in all things” (Colossians 1:18) and have the utmost respect for His word. We warmly welcome all students who have a desire to learn and get to know what is the meaning of and the way to live the Christian life, according to God’s desire and the revelation in His word. We seek to maintain the oneness of the Spirit by keeping our focus on Christ. In addition to pursuing fellowship we also desire to strengthen and spread the Lord’s testimony on Cypress College. The types of events and activities done by the club include bible studies, gospel tabling, refreshment times on campus, dinner and fellowship times, student lunches, bible reading challenges, community connect, barbecues, outings, hiking, weekend retreats, and intercollegiate gatherings.

Cypress College Court Reporting

Advisor: Carolee Freer

Cypress College Toastmasters

Advisor: Regina Rhymes

Cypress College Veterans Organization (CCVO)

The Veterans Club provides a social group to help veterans adjust to, and become successful in civilian and college life. The group promotes college spirit. Also works to establish and maintain fellowship among veterans and students on the Cypress Community College campus. The club assists with the dissemination of valuable information to veterans. The group also aims to integrate Veterans and students into social and campus activities as well as to organize pertinent projects and events pertaining to veterans and their needs.

Advisor: Juan Garcia

Drones UAS

Advisor: Jane Jepson

Eco Club

Advisor: Valeria Barragan

F.I.T.E. (From Incarcerated to Empowered) Club

F.I.T.E. Club is a student entity specifically created to provide support for students with criminal records. Their objective is to connect students in a non-judgmental space in order to provide support, develop leadership skills. The club also provides students with information on resources such as housing, food, and transportation.

For questions or information contact the F.I.T.E. Club Advisor, Anne-Marie Beck, at You may also follow F.I.T.E. Club on Instagram.

Contact: Gregory Richmond,

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Advisor: Ardeshir Ghaffari

Girls Who Code

Advisor: Tamar Altebarmakian

Honors Club

The purpose of the Honors Club is to encourage talent and ability in highly motivated students as they begin their academic studies and prepare to transfer to a 4-year college or university. Our objective is to obtain priority consideration to universities and service learning. The Honors Club holds community services based events and along with social events for its members and board of officers.

Advisor: Kathryn Sonne

Human Services Club

The object of the organization shall be to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship, to recognize achievements in the field of Human Services, to provide additional information to such students and to provide students with opportunities to serve the college and the community.

The Human Services Club is chartered to provide an opportunity for students to become more aware of opportunities in human services as well as increase and improve the educational opportunities for students to learn about the fields of Human Services.

These opportunities include campus and community humanitarian efforts, scholarships,  guest speakers, peer support, fellowship and family get-togethers.

All Students are invited to the Club Meetings. Look for an upcoming schedule of events and activities to be handed out in your HUSR classes.

Contact the Club Advisor for answers to any questions that you may have regarding this club.

Advisor: James Tapia

International Club

International Club is a club that bonds American students and International students in a positive, open-minded group. The objective of the club is to provide a forum for the interaction between American and International students to promote cultural understandings and enrichment of all students through social and educational events and activities, and to assist new students in adapting to college life. Upcoming events for the International Club include hiking, cultural potlucks, on campus displays of various cultures, teaching different cultures during meetings, etc.

For questions or information contact the International Club advisor, Samantha Simmons, at

Japanese Culture Club (JCC)

The Japanese Culture Club (JCC) is an organization dedicated to the exploration and experience of Japanese culture, as well as an appreciation of the language. The objectives of JCC are to promote intercultural tolerance by striving towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture; to promote the study of the Japanese language, particularly through Cypress College’s Japanese Program; to provide an environment where Japanese learners may meet and develop connections through common interests. The types of events and activities done by the JCC include excursions to sites of Japanese cultural significance (such as Little Tokyo or Japanese Buddhist temples), events hosted by Japanese-American organizations/communities (such as holiday observances), and general club bonding excursions (Japanese restaurants, movie nights, karaoke, etc.).

Advisor: Mihoko Luther

Legacy Club

Advisor: LaRon Armstead


See Queer-Straight Alliance.

MAD Club (Media Arts Design)

Advisor: Ian Holmes

Math Club

The Math Club is devoted to providing students with opportunities to expand their academic endeavors through socially interactive events, activities, and math-related resources. The Math Club’s objective is to help students improve their social, academic, speaking, and leadership skills through various fun and educational activities. The types of events that the Math Club participates in include AMATYC (Math Competition), Game Day, Movie Day, guest speakers, and pot lucks.

For questions or information, contact the Math Club Advisor, Christina Plett, at:

Model United Nations (MUN)

Advisor: Brittany Hubble

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The purpose of this organization is to educate Muslims as well as non-Muslims about the true meaning of Islam; to provide a friendly atmosphere for mutual interactions between Muslim students and participants of other religious and social organizations of this campus in order to foster a deeper comprehension of current ideas and trends in both religion and social issues among Muslims and non-Muslims. MSA is also a club that helps enhance the college experience for fellow Muslim students here at Cypress College. Every semester the MSA Club hosts Islam Day and Hijab Day. These two days are to bring awareness about some practices Muslims do that is a part of their “lifestyle”. The club meets once every two weeks and have group discussions and interactive activities to better bond with the group. Social activities include “Fajr at the Beach” (Fajr is our dusk prayer – before sunset), volunteering at a mosque to help make hygiene kits for the homeless, hiking, and much more.

Advisor: Mouminat Damer

Psychology Club

Advisor: Angela deDios

Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

The Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), formerly the LGBTQ+ Club, strives to be a fun and safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to share their stories, learn about LGBTQ+ issues, support diversity and inclusion for all students, and make a positive impact on campus and in the community. The QSA participates in campus AS events, holds weekly club meetings, hosts National Coming Out Day (October), attends Pride Parades and Festivals (May/June), watches movies, has beach bonfires, goes out together, and more.

For questions or information, contact the QSA Advisor, Jenelle Herman, at You may also email us or follow us on Instagram.

Rad Tech Club

Advisor: Lynn Mitts

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

Advisor: Nora Simoes

Sigma Phi Sigma (Mortuary Science)

Advisor: Damon de la Cruz

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Club

The purpose of the STEM Club is for students to meet regularly in an informal/casual environment who are interested in science, technology, engineering, or math. Their objective is to provide a social network for student members who are interested in STEM. Bringing students together and providing a stress free environment through STEM Club hosted activities. Types of events and activities done by the club include hikes, movie nights, volunteer work, game nights, and beach day. Events are both on and off campus.

For questions or information contact the STEM Club Advisor, Yanet Garcia, at:

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Advisor: Andrew Alhadeff