Anime Club

The purposes of the Anime Club are as follows: to conduct a closer study of the genre of Anime in a cultural context; to create an environment for those interested in Anime to assemble; to be a supplement to the Anime class here at Cypress College.

Associated Mathematicians of Cypress College

The purpose of the club shall be to bring together students and faculty with a common interest in mathematics for fellowship and the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of mathematics, the encouragement of interest in mathematics throughout the academic and local communities, and the introduction of students to the professional community.

Biology Club

The Biology Club was founded to promote interaction between students and biology department faculty, to provide guidance and monitoring to students pursuing a career in the biological sciences, and to promote involvement in college and community affairs. The members of the Biology Club also participate in off campus events at local life science museums, aquariums, universities, and bio tech firms.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of this organization is to sponsor educational seminars on topics relating to Black history, culture, and current issues; to participate in community sanctioned events and activities, such as those dealing with Africa Americans in the theater and Arts to food drives; and to provide a sense of kinship and identity to club members based on a desire to learn and/or shared racial identity.

Business and Economics Club (BEC)

The purpose of the Business and Economics club is to provide members with important information and an educational insight regarding these specific fields. The plan is to learn about the different aspects and job opportunities that are associated within these two areas.

Campus Christians

To provide an atmosphere and activities for Christian fellowship.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club provides the environment to extend members’ chemistry, biology, and physics knowledge through field trips and advanced experiment and introduces members to the professional filed and makes students acquainted with future careers.

Cypress College Veterans Organization (CCVO)

The Veterans Club provides a social group to help veterans adjust to, and become successful in civilian and college life. The group promotes college spirit. Also works to establish and maintain fellowship among veterans and students on the Cypress Community College campus. The club assists with the dissemination of valuable information to veterans. The group also aims to integrate Veterans and students into social and campus activities as well as to organize pertinent projects and events pertaining to veterans and their needs.

Earth Fluence

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide for a better understanding of current environmental problems, with club members working toward solving such problems on a grassroots level.

Engineering and Physics Club (EPC)

The purpose of this organization is to promote and further the educational growth of its members, in the areas of engineering and physics. Members will be exposed to many facets of the engineering and physics professional communities through various workshops, events, and field trips. It is our goal to prepare our members for a future career in engineering and/or physics.

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Club

EOPS Club will allow students to be more involved in campus activities, interact with other students and faculty members, and sponsor events.

Honors Club

The Cypress College Honors Club is a collateral activity to the Honors Program. It is designed to enhance social interaction, increase the quality of campus life, and offer opportunities for leadership for Honors Program members. In addition, it supports the Honors Program through fundraising activities that provide scholarship opportunities for Honors Program members.

Human Services Club

The object of the organization shall be to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship, to recognize achievements in the field of Human Services, to provide additional information to such students and to provide students with opportunities to serve the college and the community.

International Club

The purpose of the International Club shall be to provide a forum for the interaction between American and international students, to promote cultural understanding and enrichment of all students through social and educational events and activities, to assist new students in adapting to college life, and create an environment for personal enrichment for all students.

Japanese Club

Connecting Japanese students to each other and to other students in order to make contributions to Cypress College and the community.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The purpose of this organization is to educate Muslims as well as non-Muslims about the true meaning of Islam; to provide a friendly atmosphere for mutual interactions between Muslim students and participants of other religious and social organizations of this campus, in order to foster a deeper comprehension of current ideas and trends in both religion and social issues among Muslims and non-Muslims.

Philosophy Club

The purposes of the Philosophy Club are to create an environment where students are invited to express ideas and feelings about Philosophy. The club will also emphasize on opening student minds to new ideas and views on universal philosophical subjects.

Political Science Club of Cypress College (PSCC)

The purpose of PSCC is to promote the awareness of the political system as it relates to issues concerning the members of the PSCC.

Psychology Club

To enhance and deepen the students’ experience and understanding of Psychology, not only as an academic science, but also as a day-to-day tool for life long success.

Puente Club

Founded to promote Latino heritage, education, and a commitment to a multicultural society, the Puente Club seeks to foster an awareness of issues relating to the Latino community and to promote cultural affirmation for Latino students.

Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

The Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), formerly the LGBTQ+ Club, strives to be a fun and safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to share their stories, learn about LGBTQ+ issues, support diversity and inclusion for all students, and make a positive impact on campus and in the community. For more information, email us or follow us on Instagram.


Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND) To bring the Cypress College community together to increase awareness about the ongoing genocides around the world.

Travel Club

The purpose of this organization is to be informative on and encourage careers in travel and tourism. Travel Club will make available as much information as possible on the Travel and Tourism Industry. Travel Club will promote the programs available to Cypress College students in travel and tourism.

University Transfer Achievement Program (UTAP) Club

This organization is a subdivision of the University Transfer Achievement Program and its goal is to help the UTAP program expand by advertising in local high schools.