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At Cypress College, Student Organizations (or Clubs) offer students many opportunities to form strong friendships, experience personal and professional growth, and become more involved in their campus community.
Student Organizations may range from special interest to discipline-based. Each active organization elects its own officers, holds regular meetings, and coordinates its own functions throughout the academic year. These organizations also send representatives to participate in Inter-Club Council (ICC), a governance group under Associated Students. ICC is vital in maintaining this accessible, efficient, and inclusive branch of collegiate life.

To start a new Student Organization or complete an annual charter renewal for an existing Student Organization, please submit a Student Organization Charter Form.
All Student Organizations are chartered through Student Life and Leadership and Associated Students. If you have any questions or concerns about Student Organizations and club life, please contact the Associated Students Vice President of Student Organizations or Student Life and Leadership.
Ryan Ayers
Vice President of Student Organizations
Associated Students
Cypress College
T: (714) 484-7768
Student Life and Leadership (Building 8)
T: (714) 484-7198
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Below is a list of Student Organizations available at Cypress College. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please email the group’s designated advisor.
Please note that some organizations listed may not be currently active.

A²MEND – Cypress College Student Chapter

A²MEND’s mission is to work to ensure the interest and success of African American students, faculty, staff and administrators at California Community Colleges. A²MEND educators utilize their scholarly and professional expertise to foster institutional change within the community college system to increase success of African American male students.

Advisor: LaRon Armstead


Adventurers Guild

Adventurers Guild brings together people of all backgrounds who like to play different types of tabletop roleplaying games, whether that be online or in-person.

Advisor: Bret Kaufman

Active Minds – Cypress College Student Chapter

Active Minds is a student organization that focuses on student mental health awareness and suicide prevention education. Using a peer-to-peer approach to engage students in helping reduce stigma associated with mental health and establishing a culture of caring and support on our campus. Active Minds’ goal is to help change the conversation about mental health.

Advisor: Anna Spencer-Lonetti

Alpha Gamma Sigma (California Community College Scholastic Honor Society) – Cypress College Student Chapter

Get a leg up in collegiate life with AGS! We offer students exclusive opportunities such as scholarships, volunteer/service learning, club collaboration, and conferences. Through a community of like-minded individuals, students are able to network and start leadership projects together. All of the opportunities provided by AGS are great additions to a transfer application and can help students foster lifelong connections with their peers.

Advisor: Jesus Hoil


Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club explores various human cultures through social events such as museum tours, social functions, and diverse cuisines. Anthropology Club seeks to bring students together from all backgrounds and emphasizes a strong community and connection among its members. Our meetings feature entertaining and informational sessions that include transfer and career trajectory information, CV building, and guest lectures.

Advisor: Jaclyn Magginetti


ARCA/MCA Student Chapter (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Association / Mechanical Contractors Association)

ARCA/MCA introduces career pathways and industry networking opportunities by providing a bridge to engineering, technology, leadership, and field application experiences. Student chapter activities include educational seminars, interviews with the industry leaders, social activities, conventions and conferences, hands-on applications with individual and group competitions events that are both local and regional.

Advisor: Richard Hock


Art Visionaries Club (AVC)

The AVC is a student organization dedicated to expanding the presence of the arts within the community and abroad through outreach, social and educational events, workshops, networking, and professional mentorship.

Advisor: Donivan Howard

ASL Chargers (American Sign Language)

ASL Chargers provides a safe environment for students to learn and practice American Sign Language. The organization also raises awareness about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture through educational activities and ASL games, while also providing opportunities for students to socialize and connect with others.

Advisor: Sandra Garcia


Black Student Union (BSU)

The BSU is a safe space for black and brown students of color to come together to discuss areas of race, social justice, knowledge, truth power, but most importantly, to be ourselves and feel a sense of unity, belonging, and support!

Advisor:  Virgil Adams                                    Advisor: Amelia Mosley

Email:             Email:

Business Club

Business Club provides students with an interest in business various opportunities through mentorship programs, events, and weekly informational meetings. The goal of Business Club is to enrich students’ career knowledge and readiness.

Advisor: Ann Sheridan-Solis


California Nursing Student Association – Cypress College Student Chapter (CNSA)

Our organization is under the California Nursing Student Association and National Student Nurses Association. The purpose of our group is to contribute to nursing education to provide the highest quality of healthcare, provide programs that apply to the fundamental interest of nursing students, and aid in all aspects of the development of our members as healthcare professionals.

Advisor: Sally McNay


Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP)

CARP’s mission is to generate a spirit of compassion, involvement, and determination in the young people of the world today by revitalizing their relationship with God. We engage in meaningful discussions to promote the unity of science and religion.

Advisor: Aaron Schwartz


Computer Science and Cybersecurity Club (C4)

C4 is dedicated to exploring information technology with an emphasis on Cybersecurity and Computer Science. We seek to broaden our knowledge about the networks, devices, and services we use every day. As well as how to apply our knowledge to create opportunities in this field. We seek to empower our members with career preparedness and development to make them more job ready.

Advisor: Rassoul Alizadeh


Creative Guild

Creative Guild is an organization in which students can come together to create. Members are welcome to share their original art such as writing, poetry, painting, comics, animation, etc. Students are also welcome to join simply to see what students have to share. All creative minds are welcome here, so let’s make something amazing!

Advisor: Ashton Politanoff


Cypress College Court Reporting Club

Cypress College Court Reporting Club has been in existence since March 7, 1978, when the court reporting program was approved by the Court Reporter’s Board of California. The organization encourages every student in the program to take part in the many activities that are offered throughout the year. Come join us!

Advisor: Carolee Freer


Cypress College Veterans Organization (CCVO)

Cypress College Veterans Organization (CCVO) aims to bring together the military-affiliated and general student body for extracurricular activities outside of the academic setting. Through club meetings, community service, and enjoyable events, the CCVO provides opportunities for students to engage with one another in a setting outside of the classroom.

Advisor: Nicholas Gutierrez


Cypress Historical Fencing (CHF)

Cypress Historical Fencing is an athletic, academic, and social club that primarily focuses on fencing through the guidance of historical manuscripts from the Renaissance era and earlier.

Advisor: Jordan Hamamoto


Dance Club

The mission of Dance Club is to provide a safe and positive creative space for all students on campus who want to express themselves through dance and the arts. Students will be able to connect with each other as they network, plan events, and friendly competitions that promote diversity, equity, social justice, and community. We believe the voices of all the members in the club are imperative to the growth and longevity of our mission as a visual and performing arts collective.

Advisor: Maha Afra


Engineering Society

Engineering Society is an organization that works closely with STEM² to provide hands-on experiences for those interested in STEM fields. We provide students with workshops to learn new skills, competitions to enhance their skills, and a computer lab where students can use the club’s resources, including 3D printers and computers. Alongside these learning experiences, we host seminars with experienced engineers that provide enriching learning experiences to students.

Advisor: Jesus Hoil


Exploring Existence

Student-run discussion club where we delve into thought-provoking conversations on life’s biggest questions. Our events are fast-paced and dynamic, featuring special guests who present new ideas and engage in lively debates with members. Join us and embrace the power of diversity as we explore the depths of existence together.

Advisor: Will Heusser 


From Incarceration To Empowerment (FITE Club)

Our primary purpose is to help justice-involved students discover a sense of purpose, overcome internalized and externalized stigma, as well as become successful students and productive members of society. We aim to leave a lasting foundation so that FITE Club may continue long after the founding members have passed the torch.

Advisor: Anne-Marie Beck


Honors Club

The purpose of Honors Club is to encourage talent and ability in highly motivated students as they begin their academic studies and prepare to transfer to a 4-year college or university. Our objective is to obtain priority consideration to universities and service learning. Honors Club holds community-based events and services, as well as social events for its members and board of officers.

Advisor: Kathryn Sonne


International Club

The purpose of International Club is to provide a forum for interaction between American and international students, promote cultural understanding and enrichment of all students through social and educational events and activities, and assist new students in adapting to college life.

Advisor: Vivian Kim


Japanese Culture Club (JCC)

The mission of Japanese Culture Club is to grow and build a community of students at Cypress College who enjoy learning about Japanese culture. We intend to host weekly meetings and events discussing and learning about Japanese traditions, history, culture, current events, and media, and to connect with other members of the student body.

Advisor: Mihoko Luther


Law and Politics Club

Law and Politics Club is a sociable and community-oriented club that supports its members to explore various opportunities and career options within the legal field. This club will offer its members various internship opportunities, volunteering service events, guest speakers from top law schools, and a collaborative environment where its members can network with others of similar interests. Law and Politics Club also emphasizes creating strong bonds within its student base through bonding events, social gatherings, and more!

Advisor: Thomas Mellana



See Queer-Straight Alliance.

Math Club

Math Club is devoted to providing students with opportunities to expand their academic endeavors through socially interactive events, activities, and math-related resources. Math Club’s objective is to help students improve their social, academic, speaking, and leadership skills through various fun and educational activities. The types of events that Math Club participates in include AMATYC (Math Competition), Pi Day, Game Day, Movie Day, guest speakers, and potlucks.

Advisor: Christina Plett


Media Arts Design (MAD) Club

Media Arts Design (MAD) Club is dedicated to uniting creators from all media arts backgrounds. We are an open, caring, and diverse community where members can network with their peers, and thoroughly explore their careers. Members shall gain access to social, educational, and professional opportunities — such as portfolio guidance, guest speakers, and career expo trips.

Advisor: Kati Angelov


North Orange County Pre-Medical Association (NOCPA)

The purpose of NOCPA is to build a warm and supportive community for pre-med students. This organization will support and provide resources to Cypress College students who want to go to medical school. We hope to create a close-knit network of students with similar interests in medicine!

Advisor: Amy Ward


Photography Club

Photography Club is a place for students of all majors to engage in a creative outlet. No photography experience is required.

Advisor: Anthony Maher


Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

QSA is a fun and safe space for LGBTQIA2S+ students and allies to share their stories, learn about queer issues, support diversity and inclusion, and make a positive impact on campus and in the community. The club is inclusive of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities. Our members are a diverse representation of the spectrum.

Advisor: Jenelle Herman


Recording Club

Recording Club aims to create a safe space for musicians by allowing comfortable creative expression, teaching proper studio etiquette and the use of professional audio equipment, empowering poetry, and building important skills to prepare for future music industry jobs; all through the power of community & collaboration of sounds.

Advisor: Marcus McMillan


Sigma Phi Sigma (Mortuary Science Club)

Sigma Phi Sigma provides students with an opportunity to represent the Mortuary Science program and funeral service education on campus and local professional events. This organization also coordinates fundraising initiatives that benefit students of the Mortuary Science program.

Advisor: Lori Collins


Theatre Arts Club

Theatre Arts Club will serve to support and raise campus awareness of live theatre and the Theater Arts Department, through fundraising, field trips, one-night events, and other activities that highlight performing arts.

Advisor:  Donny Jackson                                          Advisor: Jennifer McMillin

Email:                     Email: