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Dr. JoAnna Schilling, President

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JoAnna Schilling, Ph.D., joined Cypress College in 2017, as the 12th president in campus history. She arrived at Cypress as the college completed its 50th anniversary celebration, determined to create a vision for the next half century. This future includes expanding a highly student-centered environment with an even stronger focus on student success, completion in alignment with Guided Pathways, and creating the necessary change needed to transforming Cypress College into an equity-minded institution. These plans are informed by Dr. Schilling’s experience as an educational leader — including vice presidential roles at Rio Hondo and Cerritos Colleges, and a background in the arts and humanities. Under Dr. Schilling’s leadership, Cypress College has been named as the Best Community College in California by, two of the last three years.

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Vice President, Instruction

This position is currently vacant.

Dr. Paul de Dios, Vice President of Student Services

Dr. Paul de Dios serves as the Vice President of Student Services at Cypress College. In this position as the Chief Student Services Officer, he is responsible for all student services departments.

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Alexander Porter, Vice President of Administrative Services

Alexander Porter is Cypress College’s Vice President of Administrative Services. He joined the executive team in February 2019. Porter is committed to contributing to the ongoing success of Cypress College and serving our campus community by fostering a fair and transparent fiscal and resource environment that ensures student success at every level.

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Howard Kummerman, Executive Director, Foundation

Howard Kummerman serves as executive director of the Foundation.

He began a career that spans more than 30 years working with non-profit organizations and community colleges. He holds a master of science in executive leadership from the Business School at the University of San Diego.

Before joining the Cypress College Foundation, Howard was the Executive Dean of Institutional Research and Planning and the Executive Director of the Foundation at Rio Hondo College. Howard was also formerly the Executive Director at the Grossmont College Foundation and numerous non-profit organizations in San Diego County.

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Marc Posner, Director, Campus Communications

Marc Posner serves as director of Campus Communications.

He is a community college graduate, advocate, and employee. He has served as the spokesman and storyteller for Cypress College since July 2000. In that role, his ultimate responsibility is to shape and safeguard the image of the college.

As the college’s primary communicator, he has appeared on a broadcast of nearly every Los Angeles-market TV station, multiple radio stations, and has been quoted in major daily print publications. Posner has designed and implemented image and branding campaigns, segmented marketing techniques, and pioneering the college’s use of social media.

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Dr. Eileen Haddad, Interim Director, Institutional Research & Planning

Dr. Eileen Haddad is the Interim Director of Institutional Research and Planning at Cypress College. She began her journey at Cypress College in 2015 as a Senior Research and Planning Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, and brought with her four years of prior experience working as an institutional researcher at San Diego Community College District and Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.

Eileen has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC Riverside, and earned her Ph.D. in psychology and social behavior from UC Irvine. Her dissertation examined the impact of stressful life events on the academic achievement of adolescents from diverse backgrounds.

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