Food Services

Cafeteria menu

Charger Café

The Charger Café is on the first floor of the Student Center (in front of Admissions & Records). The cafeteria is open from 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday–Thursday and on Fridays from 7:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Convenience Store

Convenience store operations are now run by (and inside of) the Bookstore in conjunction with our vendor, Follett. The Convenience Store offers grab-and-go foods that include an enhanced selection of sandwiches. Snacks and drinks are also available.

Vending Machines

There are sixteen vending machines on campus that offer snacks and/or drinks. These vending machines are located in the Business building, Cypress College Complex, Fine Arts, Gym, Library, Men’s Locker Room, and Tech Ed 3.

Food Pass

General Information

Food passes are handed out to students daily in front of the Student Life and Leadership building.  Students need to show their physical student ID cards in order to receive a pass. No digital or QR codes will be accepted.

Passes are loaded with $12 to be used for anything in the cafeteria and can be used throughout the day as long as they still have money on the card. These are not one-time use cards. The cafeteria closes at 3 p.m. Monday -Thursday and at 2 p.m. on Friday. 

Once the money on the card is used, the cashier will take the card from the student. If the student knows they will not be using the card for the rest of the day, they can surrender their card to the cashier even if there is still money left. (Students must be sure they are done purchasing for the day before surrendering their card.) Cards are sanitized and reloaded every night for next-day distribution.

If purchases go over $12, the difference must be paid by the student.

Prices for items are listed in the cafeteria to make it easier for students to know what they are spending. 

The grill is not open and food items are all prepackaged to make the line run smoother. Students must have the white Food Pass card prior to lining up in the cafeteria, unless they are planning to pay without using the pass.

Why do I have to pick up a card every day when before I could just scan my ID card?

We have changed the system. Before, students scanned their ID cards and they received one meal per day. Now, students are allotted $12 per day and the card readers are not equipped for this. Eventually we will load that money onto the student ID cards, but until then, this is the system we are using.

If I don’t use all my money today, can I use the balance tomorrow along with the $12 for the next day?

No. Money does not carry over from one day to the next. Cards need to be returned so we can reload them. Each day starts a new $12 balance.

What if I forget to turn in my card today?

You can turn in the card tomorrow when you pick up your new card.

Can I use the card for breakfast and lunch?

Yes. You can use the Food Pass multiple times a day as long as you still have money on the card. Anything that goes over the $12 must be paid by the student.

What if I’m a Fullerton College student and I’m taking a class here, too? Can I still get a card?

As long as you have a valid Cypress College student ID card and are currently enrolled in a class, you can get the Food Pass.  If your classes have not started yet, you cannot get a Food Pass.

Will students be charged at the end of the semester for this?

No. Students will not be charged for this.