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Disbursement Information:

Summer 2020 Disbursement Schedule

Fall 2020 Disbursement Schedule

For more information about the disbursement process, please visit the Disbursements and BankMobile section of our site.


COVID-19 Financial Aid FAQ:

What happens if I drop ONE of my classes?

Students that drop any course prior to the Freeze Date (for Summer, 6/9/20), will need to repay any Pell grant funds that were paid to them for that course. Students that drop a course (earning a W grade or get an Incomplete) will not owe back their Financial Aid (the aid is based off Frozen Units on 6/9/20) as long as they do not drop ALL of their courses. However, it may impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress in future semesters.

What happens if I drop ALL of my classes?

Students that drop all of their courses before the Freeze Date (for Summer, 6/9/20) will have to repay the Pell grant funds that were awarded to them. Students that drop all of their courses after the Freeze Date will have their eligibility calculated based on the percentage attended/earned and any unearned amount will have to be repaid by the student. This is called a Return to Title IV calculation, in which you will be notified the amount you owe within two weeks of completely withdrawing. Complete withdrawals may also impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress in future semesters.

Is there any other aid I can get on top what I’ve already received for spring 2020?

If you have received all eligible grants and you need additional financial assistance, you may apply for a Federal Student Loan. (Loans are not available for the Summer session).

For more information, please visit our Loan section:

If you would like to pursue obtaining a student loan, please reach out to Nishad Marathe (Loan Coordinator) at

How do I apply for aid?

Complete either the FAFSA ( or CADAA ( The 2019-20 year applies for the current school year (through summer 2020) and the 2020-21 year begins fall 2020.

Once you submit and we receive your application, you may need to complete additional required documentation through our online software at (You’ll receive an email with instructions once we receive your application).

How can I get help with Financial Aid questions?

As of March 16, 2020, our office is closed to in-person visits, but we are still able to assist you! We encourage you to utilize the following alternatives to reach us. Please remember to include your student ID number in your message so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.

Live Chat: Cranium Café: (sign in with your myGateway login)

Social Media: @cypressfinaid

Phone: (714) 484-7117

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