Your transcript is comprised of your entire academic record at Cypress College. The first two transcripts you request are free. Each transcript after that is $5 each.

You may opt to request your transcripts in person (This is our on-demand service; there is a per-request charge of $10 plus the cost of the transcripts.), by mail, or online using TranscriptPlus.

You may request your transcripts online even if you attended prior to their electronic availability or you have an attachment, or you may wish to request a transcript prior to your grades being posted. Please note that even if you have free transcripts coming to you, TranscriptPlus will charge for each transcript ordered, regardless if it’s your first one or two.

Academic Renewal

If you have taken classes whose grades you do not want reflected in your GPA, AND you do NOT need to repeat those classes, you may pursue Academic Renewal. You MUST:

  • Have a 2.50 GPA since the last grade you want disregarded
  • Have waited a minimum of twelve months since your last substandard grade
  • Have taken a minimum of 12 units since your last substandard grade, and
  • Bring in all (official) transcripts from other colleges at the time of your application.

THERE ARE OTHER RULES, but these are the basics. You may find the form here.

Course Repeat Adjustment

If a student has repeated the same class (whether here or at another school), they are welcome to submit a course repeat adjustment. If the class was taken elsewhere, the student MUST bring in official transcripts along with the form for it to be processed. If approved, the substandard grade(s) will no longer count toward your GPA. You can get the form here.


An incomplete is when you are given permission to finish a class past the length of the semester (usually a year). You may ask for an incomplete form from your instructor and if approved, you enter into a contract with your instructor.

Unit Increases

Unit increases are given when a student wants to take more than 19 units (the default maximum). To increase units, a student must see a counselor, who will then fill out the unit increase form, citing at least two reasons and signing it. The student will then bring the form down to Admissions, who will process it.