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Your transcript is comprised of your entire academic record at Cypress College. The fee to obtain your transcripts is $5 per copy.

You may opt to request your transcripts in person (This is our on-demand service; there is a per-request charge of $10 plus the cost of the transcripts.), by mail, or online using Parchment.

Request Transcripts from Cypress College

Order transcripts by clicking on the button below. Please use the electronic ordering option to ensure quick and safe delivery of your records.

Request Transcripts be Sent to Cypress College

To request transcripts be sent to Cypress College from other institutions electronically (including PDF options), please use

**You may request your transcripts online even if you attended prior to their electronic availability or you have an attachment, or you may wish to request a transcript prior to your grades being posted. Please note that even if you have free transcripts coming to you, TranscriptPlus will charge for each transcript ordered, regardless if it’s your first one or two.