‘Love, Sexuality and Diversity’ Event on Thursday, May 8

Sexuality Event FlyerThis week, Cypress College will be holding a new event focusing on love, sexuality, and diversity. The following was provided by Susan Johnson, a Professor of Human Sexuality and Psychology.

Celebrating Love, Sexuality and Diversity is an event aimed at promoting respectful, responsible love and sexuality while, at the same time, advocating for reduced risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, additionally creating a sexual harassment free zone on the Cypress College Campus. The event hopes to normalize and embrace communication about sexual health and loving relationships.

Although professionals have made progress with disseminating sexual information to help the public make more informed decisions, knowledge of facts hasn’t been enough. Horrifying pictures of Sexually Transmitted Infections has not deterred its rampant spread!

What is now true:

  1. The US has the highest rate of STIs of all developed nations.
    Age group most affected is 15- 24 year olds.
  2.  The US unplanned pregnancy rate is 51%.
    Age group most affect is 20-29 year olds.
  3. Harassment, bullying and hate crimes are directed against people because of their gender or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. For example, gay slurs are used freely by some, as evidenced by Kobe Bryant in 2011 while on public television.

Do we need or want to change these facts?

What is possible:

What if people felt free to express who they are without fear of judgment and discrimination? What if people felt comfortable seeking treatment for STIs or birth control? What if people talked openly about their sexual health and acceptance of other sexual orientations and gender identities? Could we reduce, minimize or eliminate sexual shame, guilt and embarrassment and its negative impact on individuals lives?

For 3 hours at Cypress College, that’s our goal, through humor, openness and a loving spirit with the support of Associated Students, Human Services Club, Club LEAD, Psychology Club, Cypress College Health Center, Outside Community Organizations and Ms. Johnson’s Human Sexuality classes on May 8th from 11-1 PM by the pond and 2-3 PM in H-131.

Please join us for this positive sexuality event!

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