Dr. Simpson’s @Cypress Weekly Newsletter for August 29, 2014


The August 29, 2014 edition of the @Cypress newsletter from Cypress College President Bob Simpson is now available.

This week’s headlines:

  • ‘Spark New Ideas,’ Dr. Simpson Tells Employees at Opening Day
    A summer trip to Yellowstone National Park results in “advice from nature” and inspirational messages shared by the President.
  • Trustees Place ‘Measure J’ on November Ballot in Hopes of Campus Renovations, Including the Cypress College SEM Building
  • Enrollment, FTES Projections Shared at Opening Day
  • Budget Outlook Brighter than 2013-14; M&O Projects Completed
  • Accreditation, Strategic Plan Top IR & P Discussion List at Opening Day Meeting
  • Planning in Progress for Celebration of College’s 50th Anniversary in 2015-2016
  • “This Week” and “They Said It” Features
  • Plus @Cypress Bonus Material, including Dr. Simpson’s ice-bucket challenge
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